Boardwalk Empire News: Did Writers Consider Other Options Instead Of Nucky Dying?

The curtain closed on Boardwalk Empire last night, and in a recent interview, the show’s executive producer, Terence Winter, answered whether or not the plan was always for Nucky to die and if alternate endings were discussed.

“We ran the various versions of how it could play out,” Winter told “But I think probably somewhere in the middle of Season 4, Howard Korder, Tim Van Patten and I came to the conclusion that Nucky was probably going to die at the hand of Jimmy’s son. We did talk about the idea of having him go off to lead a life of obscurity as the real Nucky did. Our Nucky is very loosely based on the real person. Nucky Johnson between the years of 1915 and 1945 was the most powerful man in that city. And when I went down there to research, no one had heard of him. Once the show hit the air, everybody claimed to know him, but not a single person I talked to had any idea who he was. It’s pretty interesting how quickly a guy can fall of the radar. … In some ways that could be a bigger punishment than dying.”

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