The Walking Dead News: Andrew J. West Talks About Gareth & The Red Machete

In a recent interview, Andrew J. West spoke out about his character’s death on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, and joked about how he should have gotten rid of the red machete as soon as he read Rick mention it.

“Yeah, that’s a pretty telltale line right there,” West said. “You know, the number one is probably going to follow through on such a sincere promise. I kind of expected that that’s the way that things would go down, and also, again, having read episode 2 and seeing how closely Gareth was inspired by the Hunters arc, my mind immediately went to how they go out in the comic, which is similar. It’s not exactly the same, but the Chris character who inspired Gareth goes out in a very similar bloody and brutal way. Especially at the end of episode 2 I was like, ‘I think I know where this is headed.’ That dang red machete — I should have taken it while I had the chance.”

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