The Walking Dead Spoilers: Tyler James Williams Suggests Noah & Beth Will See Each Other Again, Will Daryl Bring Noah To Rick?

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead saw the introduction of Tyler James Williams as Noah.

Introduced as the makeshift orderly at the hospital where Beth found herself imprisoned at, Noah and Beth devised a plan to escape but in the end, it was only her new ally that got away.

In an interview with EW, the show’s newest cast member suggested that despite how it looked, last night’s episode might not be the last time that Beth and Noah’s paths cross and also discussed whether Noah is the character that Daryl brought out of the woods to meet Michonne (and presumably Rick).

“Now that they have a better understanding of each other, Beth knows that if he doesn’t go first, he’s not going to make it,” Williams said. “With his limp and having had the fall, and it’s aggravated and all of that, so if he just goes, then we’ll be fine and we’ll make it, and now here come the cops. And that’s just the way it played out and it’s really sad that that’s the way it happened. But Noah has some loyalties to him and I don’t know if this will be the last time they see each other.”

The Everybody Hates Chris alum didn’t confirm that he is the person that Daryl beckoned out of the woods to meet Michonne, but also didn’t deny it.

“Ummmmm… you know, everybody has their speculation,” Williams said. “And I can neither confirm nor deny that you’re right. So if that helps you at all — I’m not saying no, but I’m definitely also not saying yes.”

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