Nik Wallenda Announces His Next Stunt (And You Won’t Believe What He Will Do!)

They say adventure-seekers are born and not bred and Nik Wallenda is certainly proving that to be the case.

Only 12 hours after Wallenda walked a tight-rope in between two Chicago buildings (while blindfolded) on his Discovery Channel special, the Guinness World Record holder appeared on NBC’s Today show to reveal his next follow-up.

“I’m working on recreating my great-grandfather’s greatest walk, which was over Tallulah Gorge, Georgia … 600 feet high, 1,000 feet long,” Wallenda said. “He did two headstands on the wire. I’ve never done a headstand on the wire in public, and I’m training for that.”

Wallenda’s great-grandfather Karl was a member of the Flying Wallendas. He died at the age of 73 after falling during a tightrope attempt in Puerto Rico.