Spider-verse Part 1 Review & Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #9 With Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Ham & More By Dan Slott, Olivier Coipel, Giuseppe Camuncoli & Cam Smith

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 Review & Spoilers

Covers by: Olivier Coipel; Gabriele Dell’Otto; Jeff Wamester; Skottie Young; Ryan Stegman
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $4.99

“Spider-Verse, pt. 1: The Gathering” (22 pages)

Story by: Dan Slott
Art by: Olivier Coipel
Colors by: Justin Ponsor
Letters by: Chris Eliopoulos

Waking to an alarm clock is the perfect way to shake you to your senses. For a split-second, I actually thought the old Parker luck was on the upswing with JJJ barking on the phone asking Peter to go to his next assignment. Happy days are here again. Faster than a web-shooter, Spidey swings across the skyscrapers only to have his reverie cut short by Morlun. WHO? He wonders. Morlun has the advantage mentioning the Friendly Neighborhood Web-Slinger by his real name and intrigues him by stating that they’ve met before and the reaction is always the same. Peter/Spidey is dead!!! Oh wait, this happened on Earth-449. That’s one kill for the tally.

Double-page spread (just like for Death of Wolverine) presents the credits in a cinematic fashion.

The story then shifts to Loomworld a.k.a. Earth-001. New players are upon the stage: Master Weaver, Daemos and Verna collectively known as The Inheritors. I read Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 first where Verna was mentioned as well her group designation. Now I have a face to go with the name. Master Weaver looks like a mechanical male version of Madame Web. His function is crucial since he ‘spins’ the vampires in and out of multiple realities. Variations of a theme follow with the introduction of Verna’s hounds: Sable, Fireheart, and Kranivoff. Guess who they’re supposed to be. Hint: only one of them is a former friend of Spidey’s in the mainstream MU. Sibling rivalry maintains its ugly head. Daemos pokes at Morlun for info on the Earth he is so purposely avoiding. Morlun corrects him by saying he’s saving the best for last. Wonder of wonders: it’s Earth-616 (the ‘real’ MU). Daemos wants a sneak peek thinking that he shouldn’t be left with scraps.

Wake-up scene yet again. I love Dan Slott’s assurance that this is ‘our’ Peter Parker and clarification that it’s Earth-616. For good measure, he tells us not to look at Peter’s butt. Since the relaunch, I like how Dan has played with the idea of nudity (or partial) and that it occurs to the male protagonist. Times have changed and so should we. What better way to be roused from your slumber than having a young attractive female hanging from the ceiling? Silk is already sporting her new costume and wants to discuss a matter of utmost importance. There can be no more deliberate sexual tension between Cindy and Peter. The ‘good’ thing is that they’re both cognizant of what will ensue if they give in to their base desires. Peter wisely suits up and suggests they go for a swing to discuss things further.

Cue to yet another typical high-profile heist in NYC. I didn’t notice it the first time but now I notice who’s driving a Spider-Tank: The Looter!! I blinked and almost missed it. I will shamefully admit that I didn’t notice Spidey yelling “Looter” either. Good thing I always go for a second look. Anyway, a bit of fear still runs rampant among the villains when Looter spots Spidey. He thinks it’s Otto which Peter tries to explain. Wisely, Silk tells him to zip it and wisely points out it sounds complicated to explain. Silk suggests that Pete move away for a while and offers to be his replacement. Silk seems to be the superior spider here.

The gathering begins!! Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) and Spider-Man 2099 all pop out of nowhere much to Spidey’s bewilderment. New players make it to the board: Spider-UK, Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) and Spider-Ham. I chuckled when Spidey refers to Ham as a cartoon pig!! That’s twice now the same description is used. This was also mentioned in SVTU #1. Peter is the literal centre of all the impending doom: the strands of the Great Web are converging on him as explained by “British-Me”. Peter, never missing a beat, nicknames UK ‘Downtown Webby’. Hi-larious!! Instead of clones, he thinks Mysterio is behind all this. [Reviewer’s note: Mysterio pulled a stunt that caused Peter to meet Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man]. I will not deny that I don’t know when Peter met Mayday but she reminds him of this and gives the run-down: the Inheritors are hunting across the multiverse (no worries about copyright infringement here ;-P) The plotlines come full circle. Morlun is mentioned even though it’s big brother Daemos who will come a-calling. Cindy tells Pete that she tried to warn him back in issue #4.

Daemos has crossed over. He has already knocked over the New Warriors and stands over Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker). I never followed Kaine’s adventures in his own book but what a super-cool defence move: spikes out of his costume. Daemos’ impalement does have a minor effect. He realizes that Kaine is The Other. This has piqued my interest!! Mystery abounds with this revelation/realization. Also, the editor (or Mr. Slott) tells us to not stop reading since an explanation will eventually be given. More Spiders to the rescue: Bruce Banner Spider-Man, Old Man Spider-Man and much to everyone’s delight the newest, latest, craziest trend: Spider-Gwen!!! *squeal* Kaine is also in disbelief. Upon seeing Gwen, he rages by thinking this is a clone and that The Jackal is tormenting him yet again. Talk about a recurring theme/running gag: no ‘true’ Spider-Man believes the ‘imposters’. Yet another tidbit to get the fanboys (and girls) raving: Ben Reilly!!! Mind you this one’s from Earth-94 but who cares?? Kaine is comforted to see Ben. Bye bye, Bruce. Daemos has broken his back. A hasty retreat is in order.

All the cast members (so far) convene in Central Park on Earth-13 a.k.a. the Spider-Refuge a.k.a. the Safe Zone. Peter gets one more dig at Spider-UK by calling him Benedict Cumber-Bug. Mr. Slott, you have such a unique sense of humour!! Peter admits to not being to deal with all that. His world is slowly turning upside down as he spots Ben and Gwen. One more player makes a dramatic entrance: the Cosmic Spider-Man. Again, I read SVTU #1 first and he was there too. He delivers Mayday’s baby brother safely to her. Hands up if you read the previous issue to see what tragedy befell Mayday’s family.

All of this is slowly starting to sink in for Peter. The Cosmic Spider-Man is a version of him that kept the Enigma Force. Looks like he’s the saving grace, the ace-in-the-hole, the Spider-Saviour since the Inheritors are powerless against his powers. This explains why they’re on Earth-13. He’s that world’s protector! All spiders will remain safe while there but we now that ain’t gonna last. Besides, there wouldn’t be much of a story if they did. With great power, there are limitations. If Cosmic Spidey leaves his dimension, he’s just a regular Spider-Man. All roads lead to Peter for another reason: he is the GREATEST of all Spiders in all dimensions. This is most likely due to his overabundant optimism. Read SVTU #1 to see what I’m talking about!

On the flipside, another version states “Sometimes I think I’m the worst Spider-Man ever.” When I saw that it’s now Earth-610, I assumed it’s another Peter. I literally had no clue that this is the Ultimate Universe (soon to expire?) and that it’s Miles speaking to Jessica Drew, female clone. Miles is wracked with guilt over his uncle’s and mother’s death and being the recipient of his father’s blame. In true ‘Peter-fashion’, Miles has tried to give up the gig a few times over but Jess is there to remind him of the impact he’s made and that all Spiders should stick together. A voice tells them it’s better to separate since being in a pack presents no challenge and ends the hunt far too quickly. It’s Verna and her hounds!! Uh-oh, looks like Miles and Jess are dead meat!!!

Dan Slott keeps upping his game every single issue. For serious!! He’s been knocking it out of the park continuously for four full years now since he’s the only writer on the title and his story-building skills are beyond epic. Each storyline supersedes the previous ones each and every time! Despite all the many Spiders (the story is called “The Gathering”) he still focuses on Peter. Yes, he’s the star of the show, the titular character. All revolves around him and we know that he will resolve this in the end. Each other Spider gets some quick exposure with accurate characterization. The pace is fast and furious, as it should be. No rest for the wicked. Oh wait, scratch that.

Olivier Coipel seems to be back in the fold. It’s a pleasure to see him back at Marvel. He made a soft return last year after a few years off the radar. His work on Inhumanity and X-Men vol. 3 #1 is superb. I find his art a little unrecognizable here with the other characters’ faces and bodies. It looks more like Ryan Stegman’s work. Peter and Cindy are presented as the youthful individuals that they are. The Spiders in all their incarnations have the cool costumes and effective-looking eyes. The Inheritors look the part as the savage scavengers that slaughter on a whim.

Justin Ponsor gets quite a workout here as he easily plays with the kaleidoscope.

Chris Eliopoulos is the consummate trooper. This time around I’ll settle for the giant question marks over Spidey’s head on page 10, panel 4. Would that count as lettering? Special mention of the “KER-SMAK” on page 12, panel 1 simply because it has the star in the ‘A’. Lots of guttural noises from the hunters.

For all its quips, questions, and quandaries, I rate this an 8.5 on the Spider-scale!!

Marvel Strength and Fitness

Epilogue: “The Feast” (10 pages)

Story by: Dan Slott
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Cam Smith
Colors by: Antonio Fabela
Letters by: VC’s Travis Lanham

Behind-the-scenes look at the Inheritors. It all boils down to petty squabbling and ravenous appetites. This is worse than any holiday dinner out there. Despite being ruthless predators, patience wears thin as they wait for Morlun’s return. This one big happy dysfunctional family turns up the competition notch to an astounding eleven. This really is a game for them as they see who has the worthiest kill and can rack up the most points.

Like any other familial unit, there’s gotta be a black sheep. That distinction goes to Karn (first appearing in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #33) who is also known as The Outcast. No one deems him worthy enough to belong. Morlun returns with a Spider-Man from Earth-9105. Master Weaver says it’s from the time of Pharaohs. Morlun angrily mentions that that is blasphemy and reminds him that he and his family are Inheritors of All Reality. The one captured was sloppy seconds to the main course. That one eluded Morlun. What made him extra special was that he was a receptacle for The Other who happens to be from Earth-616. That’s twice in one book that his name is dropped. I’m tingling with anticipation. Daemos pokes at Morlun yet again.

Daddy Warbucks Solus informs the family that what makes their hunt different now is that the Spiders are gathering. Solus also drops a few bombs: (1) he’s known of the location of The Other for quite some time, (2) he makes mention of The Bride and The Scion. Now I’m way beyond curious!!!

Each member gives his/her spin on The Great Web of Life and Destiny. Morlun speaks last and avers that they are the Inheritors of All Creation. Spider-Man 9105 mutters that they are all simply thieves. He makes perfect sense when he states that it’s the Spiders that walk the path and that they will take it back. He voices the ‘great power and responsibility’ speech but is interrupted by an enraged Morlun. And with that, the feast beings (or resumes).

More praised piled on for Dan Slott. This definitely details the Inheritors’ origins and motivations. Kudos to him since the plot must advance with more action and less words!

Giuseppe is a rotating mainstay among the Spider-artists. His renditions of the hunters is quite visceral and menacing. I felt uneasy looking at their faces and being exposed to their teeth. This man leveled up with the myriad of men (mostly) in the Great Web of Life and Destiny.

Antonio Fabela really darkens the mood and tone in this tale. There’s an ominous feel that one can’t shake.

Travis Lanham is not someone I’m familiar with but fastidiously fits a lot of dialogue in the balloons without making it seem crammed.

This tale gets a 9 out of 10 vampire teeth!!

Vampire Spider-Man variant Amazing Spider-Man 646

Introduction to the Inheritors

    • Morlun (the first and up until now only unkillable Spider-killer)

    • Karn (SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32)

    • Brix & Bora, Daemos, Verna, Jennix (SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #33)

    • Solus (this issue!)

Spot the Spider-Man/Animal

    • Spider-Man ’67 (from the animated series)

    • Spider-Fist

    • Spider-Man J (B&W)

    • FF Spidey

    • Black costume Spidey

    • Spider-Pool

    • an actual spider

    • Scarlet Spider (the original?)

    • Cosmic Spider-Man

    • “Big Time” Spider-Man

    • Spider-Man J (in glorious color)

    • Spider-Dog

    • Spider-Ant

    • Spider-Torch

    • Spider-Octopus

Spill the beans already!

    • Thanks to some handy-dandy research, I have an idea who The Bride is. Figure it out!!

    • Who is Master Weaver? Despite one other appearance, he killed the Inheritor Matriarch before being enslaved.

    • Solus can’t be Sabretooth, can he? jk! I would like to see the face behind the name.

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