10 Thoughts On… Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Episode 7 Review

1. Another brilliantly edited episode. The showdown between Jeremy and Josh was incredibly well done and what I liked the most about it was how they both were on the same tribe before the merge. In addition, the fact that the focus was so heavily emphasized on them resulted in Julie’s voluntarily exit being so surprising. I liked how the episode was cut.

2. I am not going to go on and on about how disappointing it was to see Julie quit. That has already been talked about at length. What I found more interesting was how Jeff Probst handled the situation. Remember a few seasons ago when Probst said that they would never cast another quitter again? Why didn’t he go after Julie the way he has victimized others like Osten in the past? Could it be the celebrity factor of John Rocker? You have to agree that he handled Julie with kid gloves and even in post-show interviews he said that they all knew she would likely leave when John was voted off. My question is how was it allowed to happen?

3. What this season really needs is a power move. I think that there are some very good players this season, but we haven’t seen one big and all-encompassing move. Had Julie decided to stay, Josh getting rid of Jeremy would have injected something that this season has sorely been missing.

4. I usually don’t say that I think a season would be better if pre-jury castaways stayed longer but I feel that is definitely the case this time around. Imagine if Nadiya, John, Kelley and Dale were still around? Or can you imagine if Jeremy still had Val? The possibilities are endless.

5. I am over the loved one battles for reward.

6. Hands up if you are really hoping Keith uses his hidden idol correctly.

7. Can anyone explain to me why Jaclyn/Jon have so much power? It’s amazing. Do we not remember Survivor Amazon where Rob Cesternino and Jenna Morasca quickly realized that Christy was the swing vote who needed to be ousted? I don’t understand what everyone is thinking by leaving this power duo intact. At this point, I think they are in the best position.

8. Which couple is the most likely to turn on each other tin order to advance?

9. Josh is getting a lot of facetime, but for some reason he doesn’t strike me as the winner.

10. I think Wes is playing a very solid game. He continues to be underrated.