Jon Jones Says He Would Consider Heavyweight Dream Match Against Fabricio Werdum

While Jon Jones has dismissed talk of a potential superfight against Anderson Silva, he is open to other dream match-ups.

At the UFC’s media event on Monday, the light heavyweight champion says he would consider bulking up to take on a heavyweight after he dismisses Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 and beats winner of the Alexander Gustafsson/Anthony Johnson No. 1 contenders match.

“[After] those two fights, I would consider the division clear, and that’s when I would start to entertain superfights,” Jones said. “Superfights I would go for. I’ve been training with heavyweights for years now. I know what it feels like, and I think I would do really good against them. So that would be the next chapter.”

Jones who is currently at 230 pounds, says he could add another 10 for a potential heavyweight clash and even mentioned the UFC’s newest champion as a possible opponent.

“There are definitely a lot of heavyweights that I know I would beat,” Jones said. “A lot of heavyweights that could give me a hell of a run or possibly beat me. I keep it real. I’m smaller than these guys.”

“A guy like Werdum, I would fight him every day, all day,” Jones continued. “Why? Because he’s not the biggest guy. But the heavyweights I believe would give me the hardest time are the big ones. Not necessarily the better skilled ones — just the bigger ones. You shoot in and they sprawl out on you, that’s going to take a lot of energy to finish that shot, you know what I mean?”

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