Nate Diaz Says He Has Already Done Everything Donald Cerrone Is Trying To Do

While many in the UFC have been impressed by Donald Cerrone’s willingness to take on any challenge, Nate Diaz says that he has already walked down the path that the ‘Cowboy’ is riding.

In an interview with, Diaz said that the only difference between him and Cerrone is that Diaz didn’t make a big deal out of the rigorous schedule that he adhered to while Cerrone chooses to use it as a reason to fight for the title.

“I just want to say, all these guys like Donald Cerrone that say ‘I want to fight, I want to fight’ and all this, and everyone’s praising him for all the shit he’s saying, ‘I want to do this, I want to do that.’ I don’t even want to say his name, let’s just say that f***** Cowboy, he’s like, ‘I want to fight.’ This is all a sales pitch, and fans like that.

I’m not trying to downplay him because he’s doing his thing. He’s doing great, he’s fighting a lot, but all these things he’s doing, and all these things he’s trying to do, ‘I’m fighting five time a year.’ It’s an act. I already did everything he’s trying to do.

Fighting five times a year? I’ve done that the whole time I’ve been here. My first year in the UFC I fought five times. The year before the UFC, I fought five times and every time since then it’s been three to five times a year up until these last few years. The only difference is that I wasn’t sitting there talking it up. So, the goals he’s setting? I already did that years ago, the only difference is that he’s talking about it and selling it to everybody. That shit’s already been done.”

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