DVD Review: Duck Dynasty: Duck the Halls

The one thing Lionsgate and A&E have figured out when it comes to Duck Dynasty is that you can release a handful of individual, themed episodes on one DVD and people will eat it up. Fans of the show will buy all the t-shirts, etc, thus individual DVDs of themed episodes will do enough business in the retail market to make money for all involved. Thus comes Duck the Halls, a Christmas themed episode that arrives just in time for Thanksgiving … and to find its way into Wal-Mart discount bins.

Duck Dynasty: Duck the Halls follows the Robertson family as they engage in their southern fried shenanigans over a pair of episodes edited together for one. As always this is the sort of DVD that’s designed for fans of the show and nothing more. If you’re not a fan, like I am, it won’t get you to like or want to see the show again. If it is you’ll be in hog heaven.

A number of fairly insignificant extras highlight the single disc release.

Lionsgate presents Duck Dynasty: Duck The Halls. Running time: 64 minutes. Rated . Released on DVD: 5.20.2014.

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