Matt Wiman Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Any Sponsors

If you caught Matt Wiman’s fight at UFC Fight Night 57, you would have noticed that he didn’t have any sponsor logos on his trunks or even a sponsorship banner.

Now we know why.

The fighter discussed choosing not to sign with any sponsors on a recent episode of The MMA Hour.

“I think if it was a good opportunity, I’m not opposed to it,” Wiman said. “The opportunities that are on hand, I might have been able to make like $1500 if I hustled a bit, you know, maybe a couple of grand if I hustled a bit. It’s not necessarily worth it.

I compare it to this, – it’s going to be kind of a crude analogy, but I’ve heard and I was never a pot head or anything like that. But I’ve heard that the worst part about taking drugs was dealing with drug dealers. I think that the worst part about sponsors is the people around them. Sleazy wannabe managers. And people that represent this or try to have a connection there, it’s pretty obnoxious. So I try to kind of ignore that part. It just seems more trouble than it’s worth.”

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