WWE News: Backstage Tension At Raw, Ascension Close To Debut

There was reportedly more tension than normal backstage at Monday Night Raw, stemming from both the CM Punk situation and the post-Raw Vince McMahon podcast interview with Steve Austin.

Employees and staffers backstage were trying to avoid Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, as they were still furious about CM Punk’s comments. In addition, there was said to be a closed door meeting with only HHH, Stephanie and Vince McMahon. Ultimately it was decided to address the CM Punk situation on the podcast with Austin, but handle it delicately and “take the high road” and not do anything to provoke Punk further or stoke the fires of his fanbase.

In other news, NXT tag team The Ascension is reportedly close to a debut on the main roster. The production team is working on video vignettes to introduce the characters on WWE TV, and they could debut as soon as NXT Takeover next week. It’s said that they will have a Road Warriors or Demolition type of unified “powerhouse” look as a team.

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Source: Reddit user MetsFan4Ever