CM Punk Rejects Vince McMahon’s Apology On Steve Austin’s Podcast

What did Punk have to say about Vince’s Apology?

CM Punk returned to the “Art of Wrestling” podcast hosted by his friend Colt Cabana, and spent over an hour responding to the overwhelming feedback he received from the Thanksgiving podcast.

CM Punk feels that Vince McMahon’s apology on Steve Austin’s podcast was a publicity stunt, and does not believe Vince is being sincere.

I don’t want to hear it was a coincidence. I don’t want to hear the lawyers didn’t talk to talent relations. I talked to Hunter on the 11th, on the 13th FedEx’d overnight I got a document that was dated the 12th. My wife asked for that time off so she could (a) get married (b) go on her honeymoon. The weekend after her honeymoon she was back on TV. You know what I mean? They knew. I don’t want to hear it was a coincidence. You know what, I’ll address it, if the apology was sincere you wouldn’t use it as a publicity stunt on (Steve) Austin’s podcast. You have my phone number, you have my address, you could text, you could call, you could show up when you’re a ten-minute f—ing drive from my house and apologize to me like a man. That’s the f—ing reality of it, that’s the f—ing timeline, ladies and gentlemen. I was sick and f—ing hurt, and sick and tired and burnt out and I walked and I can do that because I’m an independent f—ing contractor. And then I was suspended and then nobody contacted me after my suspension to (say he was needed at Raw). I got those calls, we need you at TV, a day after elbow surgery. I got that call a day after knee surgery. They weren’t afraid to do it then, so where the f— was my phone call. Oh, I’m suspended, fine, great, I’m suspended. You know what? Maybe in the two months I’m going to wind up feeling better and I’m going to come to my senses, but nobody ever found out because nobody ever reached out. Every six months we had a new head of talent relations, whether it was Jane Geddes, whether it was Sean Cleary, and there are all these people who had no business being the head of talent relations. Every six months, somebody new. And you’re supposed to relate to the talent, but nobody knew how to talk to these people… So it’s hard to relate to these people. I don’t want to hear it was a coincidence. I’m sorry, it was a publicity stunt. You’re sorry? Great, be a man and call me.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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