NXT Takeover REvolution Creative News: Identity of Writer, Involvement of HHH

Who wrote the widely acclaimed show?

NXT’s last major live WWE Network event, NXT Takeover REvolution was highly regarded by fans and critics alike.

The main person who wrote the show creatively is Ryan Ward, who is a creative writer working on NXT. Then Triple H had the final say on approving the show.

There are a few reasons that the NXT creative is said to be much better than WWE in recent months. The most obvious is sheer volume – WWE has 5 hours of first run programming every week with 3 hours PPVs on Sundays once per month. NXT has a 1 hour show every week and a major PPV-like event 4 times per year.

Another major difference is the target audience. The NXT fans are about 400 hardcore fans in Florida and the internet. WWE targets a much broader and larger audience and has a harder time targeting any one niche all at once.

Finally, since NXT is smaller in scope, there was really only one writer. This allowed for a more cohesive, singular vision for the event and its build. For WWE, there are dozens of writers, and its often hard to coordinate them all into a focused creative end product.

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