WWE Hall Of Fame News: HHH Supports, Vince McMahon Opposed

Interesting news on the possibility of a physical Hall of Fame…


There are always rumors and speculation that WWE is planning to build and maintain a physical WWE/Wrestling Hall of Fame, but nothing has ever materialized.

Recently, WWE made a deal to acquire a decades-old championship belt. The deal was struck with Dan Lambert, who runs the American Top Team Gym in South Florida, to get a copy of what is believed to be the original WWWF championship belt. This is the belt that many believe Buddy Rogers wore into the ring in Madison Square Garden on May 17, 1963, when he lost the title to Bruno Sammartino in 48 seconds. The belt changed hands multiple times over the years until it resurfaced in a photo posted online.

The deal was pushed by Triple H, who is planning a physical WWE Hall of Fame for someday. However, Vince McMahon is opposed to ever doing a physical Hall of Fame, believing it will be a money-loser.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter