Comics Nexus Flashback 12/26/2004: Astonishing X-Men #7, Conan #11, Green Arrow #45

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Astonishing X-Men #7 Review

Well, I certainly knew that this guy Joss Whedon wrote some kind of vampire / high-school horror / comedy thing, but apart from vague glances during group gatherings, I never really gave it that much of a chance.

Based on Whedon’s run on this comic book, and his ability to write brilliant dialogue, I am now beginning to become aware of what may just have been a colossal misjudgement.

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Conan #11 Review

Reviewer: “Starman” Matt Morrison
Story Title: The God In The Bowl

Conan’s in a fix. He’d been hired to steal something from a temple. Upon getting inside the locked temple, he stumbles across a dead body and not a few seconds later the one guard patrolling outside the temple stumbles across him. Within minutes, Conan is surrounded by armed guards, ready to skewer him for the murder of the high priest of the temple.

Conan protests his innocence (what little he has left) and the evidence does seem to bear him out. The priest was strangled and why would a Cimmerian with a sword bother to strangle a man when a sword is faster and easier? Still, the magistrate on the scene is hard-pressed to repress the bloodlust of the head guard as Conan himself is hard-pressed to repress his rage at the stupidity of the civilized men around him.

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Shaolin Cowboy #1 Review

First, let me say that, Doc Frankenstein, the first single-issue offering by The Wachowski Brothers’ fledgling comic company, Burlyman Entertainment, was outstanding. The artwork, by Steve Skroce, was some of the best I’ve seen recently, and the first issue served as a nice introduction to the series and what to expect in the future. All told, Doc Frankenstein #1 was exactly what a premiere issue should be. If you want more information check out my review.

Second, I need to tell you that I’m not a huge fan of the martial arts genre. The Matrix films are absolute favorites, Kill Bill rocked, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was quite entertaining, I’ve enjoyed my share of Bruce Lee films, and Master of Kung Fu is one of my favorite comics, but beyond that I haven’t delved too deeply. Especially when it comes to the seminal works of the genre, whether they are film, television, comic, or some other medium, I’m a novice. /p>
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Green Arrow #45 Review

I’m sure that by now, you know that Mia Dearden, Ollie “Green Arrow” Queen’s ward, tested positive for H.I.V. And I’m also sure that you are also aware that she’s destined to become the new Speedy. But what you might not know is that a criminal named “Brick” has intimidated Star City’s law enforcement into giving him free reign for his criminal activities. There, you’re all caught up.

This issue begins with Mia standing in the center of her high school gym addressing her classmates, and telling them about her condition. It’s a pretty moving scene. After her speech Connor and Ollie discuss their approach to the topic of her “condition.” Ollie leaves in a huff.

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The Losers #19 Review

I have really enjoyed the Losers this past story. It’s nice to finally learn the origin of the team. It’s been a very dark and gritty road, but it was needed to learn how they were “killed” and how they returned. I really wish this book was more popular.

I kind of feel bad about writing this review though. I have literally nothing to say about it. I mean, I wrote a review for the book 2 months ago, and I can just say the same thing. The book is cool, more people should be reading it. It’s an action movie in comic book form. It’s the A-Team for comics. But other than all those obvious statements, I have nothing to add.

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Sleeper: Season 2 #7 Review

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…I hate reviewing this title on an issue by issue basis. I really do. Each issue is individually excellent, true, but the real hook of the book is how all the pieces fall together over time. However, this time around, I have drawn the issue of Sleeper where several pieces reveal themselves at once.

“Pawns and Kings” is exemplary, the best issue of Sleeper: Season 2 since, probably, #1. The action centers on Holden, Miss Misery, Grimm, and Triple X-Ray performing a nighttime raid on a Lynch owned and run facility in the hopes of acquiring a master code breaker. Of course, things do not work out quite as planned. The mission takes on a very different purpose and Holden is reminded of something that he was all but convinced he had left behind. Then, in the wake of the team’s failure, Tao makes it very clear to Holden what he can and is willing to do to ensure that Holden stays loyal to the goals of the group.

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Green Lantern: Rebirth #3 Review

While unveiling the real, true, never-before-told origin of a pretty well-established character is hardly new in the comics genre, its uber scribe Geoff Johns’ execution of said contrivance that is a worthy read in Green Lantern Rebirth #3.

Most of the questions are answered in this issue. Johns’ knows his Green Lantern mythology. Readers learn more about:

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Manhunter #5 Review

Manhunter has been the surprise comic of the last part of 2004. While the early images and previews looked interesting, it wasn’t a book that I was planning on trying out. After the first issue came out and fellow-Nexus writers John Babos and Daron Kappauff sang the title’s praises, I felt compelled to grab issue #1. Boy, were they right! This title has been at the top of my pile every week since. I have personally turned on Mike from Marvel News and my friend Pat to the book, and I continue to broadcast it’s praises to any that will listen.

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Solo #2 Review

Solo is an anthology where one artist is showcased every issue. This issue’s artist is the legendary Richard Corben.

The issue begins with Belzon’s Treasure, a horror tale about a treasure hunter whose greed causes him to fall victim to an ancient curse. The second story is Cyclops in which a couple of warriors battle with a Cyclops, that features a horrifying ending.

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Looking To The Stars: Thoughts on the New Year

I can’t help but wax eclectically at this time of year. And unable to think of any one cohesive thing to write this time of year, here are a few thoughts that have occurred to me over the past week.

There is some small irony in this. I write an article about how (the biggest and, for my money, best Spider-Man history site on the web) were slacking off on their responsibility to objectively review Mark Millar’s “Spider-Man” title. I expect to get all manner of angry mails from Spider-Fan readers and Mark Millar fanboys alike. All I get is a few short letters of thanks, saying it was about time that someone said everything I had said.

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