Pulse Flashback 12/26/2004: WWE RAW Preview, Information On The Sabu Benefit DVD


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Official Preview For RAW

What will happen during the last RAW in 2004, which airs mere weeks before the huge New Year’s Revolution pay-per-view? During the last live RAW, General Manager Eric Bischoff returned from a month-long vacation to find the World Heavyweight Championship vacated. Bischoff promptly shocked those involved in the controversy by declaring that the title would be won in the Elimination Chamber. How will the six Superstars involved prepare for this high-stakes encounter, and will Triple H, Batista, Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit try to soften some of their future opponents before the big pay-per-view?

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Information On The Sabu Benefit DVD

MarqueeWrestling.com posted the following on their website in regard to orders for the Sabu Tribute show that took place 12/12 in Belleville, Michigan:
Marquee Wrestling Home Video is proud to be producing and offering the DVD of this tremendous event. Joey Styles of ECW fame will be handling the commentary chores. The DVD includes the following matches:

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