Pulse Flashback 12/27/2004: Full Monday Night Raw Coverage: Report, SmarK Rant, Rabble Recap

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The Midnight News 12.27.04

Hey Hooberstanks, I’m Chris and this is the Best of Midnight News Special Edition!

Oh for Chrissakes, don’t log off… this is worth it.

Widro suggested that I use this week to slap together a best of ’04 column for this week. When Widro invites me to do less work, I can NEVER say no.

But I didn’t want to do a ’04 best of. 2004 is pretty early, my material needs YEARS to properly age into the quaint, uproarious injection of hilarity that you kids need so badly.

Thus, I COMBED the MidNews archives and pulled segments from 01 right up until 03… with one VERY SPECIAL segment from earlier this year, which you can find at the end.

Not much set-up here, I have them all dated. I just want you to understand that this isn’t a retro look at WRESTLING news as much as it’s a little gloss over this COLUMN… why, there is plenty of stuff that has nothing to do with rasslin’, and EVERYTHING to do with me and my shenanigans…

Flea is in here, Stratus is in here, The Rick is in here, Hal Jotsky is in here, Tammy Sytch is in here… lots of stuff is in here. A lot more stuff was gonna be in here, but the Inside Pulse posting board can only handle so much.

And later this week, I have a pretty big And Another Thing year end extravaganza… you’ll like it.

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New Ring of Honor Champ at Philly Show!

Samoa Joe, who has been Ring of Honor Champion since defeating Xavier over a year and nine months ago on March 22, 2003, was finally defeated on Sunday night.

In the main event at RoH’s Final Battle 2004 in Philadelphia, PA, Austin Aries beat Samoa Joe, pinning him after a 450 splash, to become the promotion’s fourth champion following Low Ki, Xavier and Joe.

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Potential RAW Spoiler

Shawn Michaels will reportedly be the special guest referee in a “Bonus match” between Triple H and Randy Orton at tonight’s edition of RAW. No word if he will be on the actual broadcast of the show though.

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News on Kurt Angle

Thanks to Paul Vlosic for sending this in:

Hello there, I’m a Pennsylvania fan and I just saw an interesting commercial.

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Mick Foley to Guest Host on Air America

Brendan McDonald, Associate Producer of Air America Radio’s “Morning Sedition” sent the following:

Mick Foley will be the guest co-host of Air America Radio’s Morning Sedition program, Tuesday December 28 and Wednesday December 29, from 6am to 9am, eastern time. Mick has been a guest on the program before, but this is his first time filling in as a co-host.

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InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

Show opens with a recap of Bischoff announcing the Elimination Chamber match.

No intro…Bischoff comes out. He says that all 6 competitors in the Elimination Chamber is going to have a ‘Beat The Clock’ Night, and will have one on one matches against an unknown opponent, and whoever wins in the shortest time, will be the last person to have their chambers opened. Also, if the opponent defeats one of the 6, they will take their place in the Chamber match! Bischoff then introduces Christy as the special time keeper for the evening, and there will be a very, very special guest ref in the Elimination Chamber. Bischoff then starts off the night with Jericho.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian (w/ Tomko)
Jericho tries a series of roll ups to try and beat Christian quick.

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News Item Muhammad Hassan Mentioned On RAW

During his promo on tonight’s RAW, Muhammad Hassan directed viewers to “news.cornell.edu” for proof that his points about discrimination against Muslim Americans were valid. What he was likely referring to was the following press release available online at http://www.news.cornell.edu/releases/Dec04/Muslim.Poll.bpf.html:

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Monday Night Rabble

Welcome to Week 2 of the Monday Night Rabble! Joining us this week is Erik H, Jenna, Eric G, Jimmy, Val, and as always Danielle. Two important things to address before we get to the wrestling event: First, I received my first piece of fan mail about the MNR the day after the last one was posted which simply insinuated shortly, and sweetly that the quips and quotes were all fictional. The gimmick behind the column is, seemingly, a lie.

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The SmarK RAW Rant – December 27 2004

– Uncle Eric is out for the hard sell of New Year’s Revolution right off the bat, announcing the rules of the Elimination Chamber, and noting that the last person released from the cages will have the advantage. So tonight, in an interesting concept, each guy will have a match against an unknown opponent, and whoever wins fastest gets to be let out last. And if anyone loses, they get replaced by the victor. Interesting.

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Widro’s Daily Pulse

I hope everyone’s been having a great holiday season. This week, Coogan is in the Hot Seat, we have more Wrestlemania thoughts and a look at what InsidePulse 2005 has to offer.


Raw last night was well executed on all levels. The show itself was laid out in a manner so that all matches had meanings and implications. Plus, along with the six elimination chamber qualifying matches, there were 2 other matches for an insane total of 8 matches on the 2 hour raw broadcast. That’s more than 2 or 3 Raws combined some months! And more than some PPVs

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