Pulse Music Flashback 01/11/2005: InsidePulse Music’s 2004 Awards

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InsidePulse Music’s 2004 Awards

Welcome to the InsidePulse 2004 Music Year-End Awards! The InsidePulse Music staff has painstakingly surveyed the year in music, coming up with nominees that we feel best represent the best of the best. Voting took place over the past month, and was open to the entire InsidePulse staff. Additionally, a Readers Poll was taken, which can be found by following the link below.

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Best Album

When I first heard this album – at one of those headphone/listening stations at a local record store – I remember thinking to myself, “wow, finally someone has picked up where Green Day left off ten years ago!” Turns out American Idiot was just what the rock world needed. Forget punk; these guys stopped being punk with “Longview.” Green Day has – surprisingly – evolved into the seminal rock band, with their punk rock opera about – what else – the plight of a Generation Xer in an unsure world. The themes may be familiar, with Billie Joe tackling the media and politics as a thirtysomething trying to find his way, rather than writing about masturbation as a twentysomething trying to get laid. This is Green Day’s best album since Dookie by far, and pure rock’s best album in years. You’d have to be an idiot to not give this a listen, and you’re not American if you don’t enjoy every minute of it. Or at least enjoy a song or two. There’s something on this album for everyone, agree with the band’s political views or not, and it’s well deserving of the Best Album honor. – Matthew Michael

Best Album:
Green Day – American Idiot

Runners Up:

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