Arrow Spoilers: Who Is Felicity’s Dad, Diggle To Put On Arrow Suit Again… But Why?

Arrow fan can’t wait for the show to return so that Oliver’s fate can be revealed, but in a recent interview, the show’s executive producer revealed that the supporting cast will be heavily featured when the show comes back.

Marc Guggenheim recently told TVLine that the mystery of Felicity’s father will be revealed “further down the line.”

“That said, if everything goes according to plan, we will learn a little bit more about dad” Guggenheim said, suggesting that the topic might be explored this season. “But we haven’t gotten to the episode yet or written the actual scene, so no specific promises.”

TVLine also caught up with David Ramsey who confirmed that there will be some powerful scenes coming up between Oliver and Diggle.

“You’ll see me back in the Arrow suit” Ramsey said, suggesting that he suits up when Oliver turns up missing. That will lead to the entire team questioning why they work on a mission that is primarily just their leader’s.

“‘Why does the team stay together?’ If we stay together,” Ramsey said. “This crusade that began with Oliver has become our crusade, but why? What does Oliver mean to me? Why do I love this guy? Some of those questions will be answered during this emotional examination.”