Listings Show Up Online For Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series Of Action Figures

It appears as that has given up some details on some upcoming Marvel Legends figures.

Amazon is currently listing these for an Ant-Man wave of Marvel Legends:
Avengers Ant Man Marvels Tigershark Action FigureAvengers Ant Man Marvels Wasp Action Figure
Avengers Ant Man Marvels Bulldozer Action Figure
Avengers Ant Man Ant Man Action Figure
Avengers Ant Man Giant Man Action Figure
Avengers Ant Man Grim Reaper Action Figure

Unfortunatly (if you click the links), there is no other information attached to the items. No pictures, release window, or info on the Build-a-Figure. Tigershark has been shown off at SDCC in the past, and Bulldozer was to be the swap figure in a Marvel Legends series a few years ago for Wrecker. Everything else is new. Will Ant-Man be the movie version or a comic version of Scott Lang? Will Wasp be in the movie? Giant Man is not a BAF? Hopefully all these questions will be answered on February 14th Hasbro’s press event at Toy Fair.

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