TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings Results for 03/20/2015 [Spoilers]

After a change of mat, I guess we move into the second show (they didn’t differentiate between shows here)

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terell (c)
– decent match, Taryn retains after blocking the Eat Defeat from Gail and hitting a roll up. Kong dominated a lot of the match but was taken out by a Gail Kim dive…

Xplosion match – Dave Mastiff, Rampage Brown, Samuel Shaw and Madison Rayne vs Noam Dar, Mark Andrews, Crazzy Steve and Kay Lee Ray
– “Mandrews” wins with a shooting star press in a fun eight man.

Borash announces that they’ll be airing a documentary in the UK about the British Bootcamp finalists – “British Bootcamp On Tour”. He then said that Challenge TV was their best TV partner in the world. Wonder how Destination America feels about that?

Magnus and Bram spilled out of the back, brawling into the ring. Magnus waffles Bram with a series of chair shots before refs break it up. Mickie James attacks Bram too, who tries to escape, only to get a powerbomb on the stage for his troubles.

Austin Aries out for a promo. Challenges BDC – namely Samoa Joe and Low Ki – to give him his feast or fired briefcase back. The pair come out with the briefcase, and Aries challenges Ki to a match for the briefcase and the X division title. Instead we get Joe vs Aries… The Crowd chant “briefcase wanker” at Low Ki (a nice reference to the Inbetweeners there!)

They were having a good match, but another disqualification finish – Aries hit a suicide dive to Joe, but got jumped by Low Ki as he tried to throw him back in. Aries grabbed his briefcase after Ki accidentally hit Joe with it, and Aries took out Ki before going to the back.

In the aisle, Aries passed Rockstar Spud – with his own briefcase… Who cashed it in, hit a Shiranui and pinned Low Ki to become the new X Division champion!

James Storm (with the entire Revolution – Manik, Sanada, Abyss and Khoya) vs Matt Hardy
A hardcore match, plenty of interference but this struggled after Spud’s big win… Abyss brought out some thumb tacks, only for Hardy to block a superplex and shove Storm into them. A twist of fate followed up by a horribly botched ref count (so Abyss could pull him out) led to some more interference from the revolution, and a cow bell shot from Storm, plus a superkick for the win. It was what it was..

Post match, the Revolution threaten to take out Hardy, but he gets saved by Grado. I’m not a fan of Grado, but will admit that he got a good pop (possibly in the top three of the show), as the Wolves come out to help run off the heels. Grado and the Wolves danced a little, with Hardy returning to give Grado his Impact moment.

Main event – Lashley (c) vs Kurt Angle
– the best match from the show, and definitely worth at least dvr’ing… plenty of rolling German suplexes in this one. A pretty good match, with Angle a slight crowd favourite. They kept this mostly on the mat, with plenty of near finishes, including a Lashley spinebuster and an Angle slam both getting near falls. Lashley ended up going to the top rope in frustration, and missed Angle off the top. Angle did connect with a flying cross body, but Lashley rolled through and applied an ankle lock. Kurt got the ropes, and scored another near fall with an angle slam. Lashley responded with a cross arm breaker, which was countered into another ankle lock, which eventually led to Lashley tapping out to give us a new TNA champion!

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Source: Ian Hamilton & PWInsider