Parks and Recreation Thoughts – “Treat Yo Self in Beverly Hiiiiiiiiiiills!”

Thursday night’s episodes of Parks and Recreation were both solid, but given my affection for “Treat Yo Self”, I enjoyed the second episode most.

This final season of Parks is only 13 episodes long, and the writers are hurtling through it full speed, not wasting any time. I like this energy. We’re six episodes in and Ron and Leslie have mended their friendship, Tom has asked out Lindsey, and he team figured out a way to keep Gryzzl away from their park land. So, what next? April hasn’t found a career she can be passionate about yet, and I’m sure the writers have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

I am curious id this is the last we’ll hear about a feud with Gryzzl. Ron was so angry that they’d discovered his son’s identity through data mining, doesn’t he want more revenge than just helping them set up shop in a different location? The solution was Leslie’s dream come true – she gets her park, and Gryzzl will help revitalize the one neighborhood in Pawnee that’s still gross. But Ron hasn’t really gotten his revenge.

As for Tom and Donna, I could watch 30 minutes solid of them wandering around Rodeo Drive treatin’ themselves. They are just too much fun. Donna gave Tom some sage advice about following his heart, and she gave him the shoes Jayden Smith wore in Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch. Because 2017.

In other storylines, I particularly enjoyed Dax Shepard guest-starring as Andy’s TV producer. Maybe that’s just because I’m upset about Parenthood ending and want to see anyone from that cast on TV as much as possible.

Here’s a few more highlights:

  • Perdcourt! Per Hapley is not a real judge, don’t ever forget it.
  • “Is Star Wars the one with the little wizard boy?”
  • We saw Leslie and Ben’s triplets in the season finale last year, but we haven’t since. I’m not against this, since this show is about colleagues and not families – but I’m hoping that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will return at some point, and that maybe we’ll see all the kids them.
  • April interacting with the new interns, and learning an important lesson from a newly somewhat mellow Craig, was great.
  • Watermelon martinis, exposed brick, Keri Russell’s hair – these are things that make Craig happy.
  • Craig was only in charge of Tom’s restaurant for 30 seconds, but he was happy with the decisions he made and the people he fired.
  • Leslie and Ron’s epically bad high-fives.


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