Wednesday Comments – Five DC Comics Books That Make Me Wish It Was June

It’s been a pretty big week for comic book announcements. Spider-Man will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Marvel and Sony jointly producing Spider-Man films from here on out. There’s going to be an all female Avengers title. But for me the biggest news was that DC’s going to have a batch of new #1s in June, 24 in fact.

I want to go on record and say that I called two of the titles being launched in June. Granted two out of twenty-four isn’t the best percentage, but I was going in pretty blind. Cyborg was as close to a lock as you’d get in a scenario like this, but I feel like pulling Omega Men out of thin air was a pretty nice grab.

There are certainly some books that I’m going to be picking up because they’re replacing books that I’m already reading. These books include Earth 2: Society, Green Lantern: Lost Army, Justice League 3001, and Robin, Son of Batman. I’m very interested in what new direction these books are going to take and what the feel is going to be like.

Then you have the books that I’m certainly going to be intrigued enough to pick up for at least an arc. That intrigue may stem from the creator or from the concept. These books include, Prez, Dr. Fate and Bat-Mite. Prez and Bat-Mite are leftfield books that I certainly want to give a shot to.

But there are five books that I’m really excited about. Five books that make me wish June was tomorrow.

Cyborg – I’ve got high hopes for this book. It’s got a great art team with Joe Prado and Ivan Reis. But more importantly, it’s a book with a Black male lead that’s written by a Black male. The lack of Black male leads is something that I’ve been critical of for awhile and the lack of Black writers has been a pet peeve for even longer.

I’m also genuinely interested in Vic’s life. He may have been moved up to the Justice League, but he’s been little more than a prop there. I’d hazard a guess that he got more development in his first three years in Teen Titans than he did in his first three years in the Justice League. This book is sure to rectify that.

Martian Manhunter – I like J’onn. I think he can be a really great character when used correctly. In the New 52 J’onn has been a member of the Justice League, Stormwatch and is currently part of Justice League United. Still, we don’t really know all that much about the guy. Hopefully, this book will fill in some of those gaps. Also, it’s got Ben Oliver and Paulo Siqueira on art, which means I could easily buy it for the art alone.

Midnighter – Speaking of buying a book for the art alone, ACO is the main reason for my buying this one. The first time I saw ACO’s art was in the First Born one-shot for Villains’ Month. But I locked the name ACO into my brain. I loved ACO’s recent work on Batman Eternal so much so that I actually hoped ACO landed a regular gig. Boom; this book was announced.

Omega Men – Chances are I’d be excited about this book regardless, because I picked it last month. But it’s also written by Tom King who has done amazing work on Grayson. So Omega Men is going to explore some new aspects of the DCU and it’s written by a writer who is on fire right now. This is a can’t miss book for me.

We Are Robin – I’m extremely intrigued by the concept of We Are Robin. It sounds like normal kids taking up the Robin mantle, sort of like an “I am Spartacus”-esque scenario. It’s got Lee Bermejo writing it with Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph on art. I’ve been a fan of Haynes since Kid Amazo and I equally dig Randolph’s work. I’m really pulling for this book.

And there are you have the books from DC in June that I’m looking forward to the most. Do you have any that you can’t wait to see?

Well, it’s Wednesday, which means fresh new comics from your local comic shop. Hurry and get them while they’re hot.

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