Daniel Bryan News: WWE Wrestlemania 31, Fans Using Real Names, Bret Hart

Daniel Bryan spoke with CraveOnline for a new interview. Check out the highlights:

On the Intercontinental title:
I traditionally think of Bret Hart and I don’t know why that is… I think of Bret Hart as somebody who held the Intercontinental championship like it was the World Heavyweight championship. Every title match he was in felt important like it was the most important thing on the show. The way he carried himself and the matches he had, it was just everything I thought a champion should be.

On using wrestlers real names
I think most guys prefer that fans call them by their WWE name. But with me, it doesn’t matter cause my real name is Bryan and my last name in WWE is Bryan so I hear people call me ‘Daniel’ and people call me ‘Bryan.’ The only weird thing would be if somebody would be like ‘Hey Danielson.’ [Laughs] ‘Oh, that’s weird, that he just did that.’ To me it doesn’t matter but I think a lot of guys prefer to be called by their WWE names.

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Source: craveonline.com