Roman Reigns News: WWE Wrestlemania 31 Pressure, Not Surprised at Fan Reaction

Roman Reigns did another interview hyping Wrestlemania 31, here are some highlights:

On if he feels pressure being in the biggest match on the biggest event of the year
I think it was a little bit of both. When you’re doing what I do every single day, even if you’re not at the highest level of our business of sports entertainment, there’s a lot of nerves. There’s a lot of pressure and there’s always that pressure to perform. And it’s only magnified more at the level I find myself at now. For me, I just to focus on the excited energy, the enthusiasm and hopefully with that enthusiasm I can create momentum.

On what he thinks emotions will be like when he makes his entrance on Sunday
I think it’s going to be awesome. I think it’s exciting. Everything for me is exciting about WrestleMania. You know, it’s not only the match but there’s so many opportunities that we get this week. For me, I’ve been able to do some awesome things. As you know, one of the great things I’m doing today is partnering up with Snickers. The huge question is who are you when you’re hungry? That’s the contest that we’re putting out there. We’ love to see everybody’s ultra egos. As soon as you feel like you’re a bit out of character, take a bite of that Snickers bar and everything’s going to feel better. All the fans can do me a favor and check out the Snickers homepage ( and Facebook ( and you’ll get to see so many cool details about the contest. You can check out my commercial and my wacky alter ego when I’m hungry and hopefully you’re a little bit different than I am. You don’t want to catch yourself being insecure or a little anxious when you’re on TV.

On whether or not he’s been surprised at the recent fan reactions
No, not at all. Where we’re at now, with the internet and the whole Facebook thing, with Twitter, you’re able to connect and reach out to your fans more and see what they’re feeling. Fortunately for me, I do get that mixed reaction and that’s the thing. It’s a mixed reaction. Some days are stronger boos, some days are stronger cheers but for me, I like to focus on the support, focus on all the positivity. I have a lot of great fans out there who believe in me and that’s more momentum for myself. It’s always nice to get some positive reinforcement. I just want to thank all my fans and all my supporters out there. That’s my goal is to make my family proud, to represent my family, myself and my fans.

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