Image Comics Review & Spoilers: The Surface #2 By Ales Kot, Langdon Foss & Jordie Bellaire

The Surface #2 Image Comics cover

The Surface #2 Review & Spoilers
Story By: Ales Kot
Art By: Langdon Foss
Art By: Jordie Bellaire
Cover By: Langdon Foss
Cover By: Jordie Bellaire

First I would like to say WOW… I am relatively new to the works of Ales Kot, but became a huge fan due to my love for the ZERO comics. I was pleased in finding new works of his, and since I stumbled upon Zero slightly late, i was enamored at the fact I could follow along with this series as it’s released. After a stunning, yet awkward first issue, I was still pleased yet unsure of what I got myself into.

Issue 2 has that same feel but on a much larger scale, as my mind tries to piece together what it is in fact I just read, I recount my journey through what i would compare as a hallucinogenic drug trip of a read. I find myself still asking questions, questions I don’t doubt will be answered, yet I believe its intended for the readers to feel this way. As bright colors burst off the pages we follow our main characters exploring through the destination they worked so hard to find, where they could be free of the clutches of a futuristic society and let their minds escape the cages of physiological oppression. The artwork alone is very impressive to say the least and the artists did a compelling job of showing what can happen when you explore the deepest depths of the mind, and having a slide show displayed in front of you in the process. Anyone that is a fan of imaginative settings, paired with a  vast displayed of colored expression will will enjoy its masterpiece, and have a delightful almost psychedelic trip.

All the desires and inner workings of our characters were shown right before them, and a peace of sorts seemed to be generated by the interactions they were having with the utopia. All of their thoughts are laid out as reality, all their desires seemed graspable, all the while a narration from an expanded consciousness help tell the story. As this higher consciousness intertwines with character dialog, it was interesting to see that this was a character of its own. If I had to guess as to what this character represents it would be the inner consciousness we all process as human beings, that deep divine voice that guides us, it warns us of impending danger, it keeps our morality intact nurturing our souls.  This narration helps guide us the readers, along with these characters as they navigate through “The Surface” (see what I did there…) of this dual versed reality. With all the pressures of this future world, I believe with out being in an un tainted safe zone, our main characters would not have such freedoms. Their connection to the life log, where all their personal thoughts and feelings are uploaded for public consumption is a direct hindrance of their natural state and feelings.

Just as it is in life, peace and utopia was interrupted by betrayal, Mark’s issues with his father come into play, thus reveling all along he was leading his father Loki to their destination! Needless to say out of no where shit hits the fan, majorly at that, and at this moment we get the glimpse of action I loved so much in Kot’s other work. Mark’s excuse is that he needed the acceptance of his father, this was foreshadowed during his hallucinations and all came to a head here. I don’t think he realized the ripple effect this would have on his friends, and the new world they desperately came to seek refuge in.

Analyzing the final pages I sit, mouth open trying to wonder what the hell did I just read. This is entirely in a good way, these are feelings of being blown away! I had no idea what this comic would be and at first it was a bit over my head. Further analysis concludes I am excited for this story to unfold, I have so many questions, so many things I need to process. As a reader who loves to re read things over and over ( which I did with number 1) I see a challenge here. Kot again gives us a puzzle intriguing to dissect, and I find myself clambering to study this further. As I stated above the art alone by Langdon Foss, and Jordie Bellaire is worth adding this to your collection, and when I say shit hits the fan it does leaving us short a few main characters.

If I had to give this a rating I would give it 9/10, the story is a lot to chew on, but I feel we are being set up in a major way for whats to come!!!

– Grainbelt Jones