Converse Convergence: Week 3 Of DC Comics’ 2015 2-Month Event Reviewed In Full!

Welcome to my 8-part column called Converse Convergence where I assess each week of DC’s 2015 2-month event. We’re now onto Week 3!

Converse Converegence Week 3 banner

And… Finally!! Some headway is made!!! I will now include the weekly main mini-series as well as the other offerings. Pretty much the same format as last week but I’ve added new content. Look at each entry and you’ll notice. Natch :p


“Time Bomb” (28 pages) by Jeff King, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, Aspen/MLT’s Jason Starr w/ Peter Steigerwald, Travis Lanham

Given that this is the third issue, appropriately enough there are three stories in progress. One: the Earth-2 heroes follow Deimos into the world of Skartaris!! Two: Nightwing and Flamebird, the heroes of Kandor (from Earth-One) valiantly try to fend off Telos but fail miserably. Three: Thomas Wayne sacrifices himself by detonating a bomb that kills him and several Bat-villains. Say what?!? Shock follows shock when The Joker shoots Dick Grayson the exact same way he did Barbara Gordon [The Killing Joke]. But no, the uproar doesn’t end there. Telos appears and snaps the Clown Prince of Crime’s neck clean labelling him “Vile creature. A plague in every timeline.” WWWHHOOOEEEE! This will solve the Dark Knight’s heavy cross in the entire multiverse!

I’m glad Jeff King is finally bringing action to the forefront. It goes without saying that a great story will have the balance of characterization as well as bombastic events. Forgive my doubt, Mr. King. I was going to read the entire mini regardless. I give you 3 gold stars for accelerating things!


untitled (22 pages) by Marv Wolfman, Roberto Viacava, Andy Owens, Sotocolor, Rob Leigh

Supergirl basks in the spotlight!! A trip across the Phantom Zone is in order to find an opening to the dome. Lucius Fox gives Kara a helmet to retrieve her buried memories of the Zone before she and the Man of Steel enter. Bonding occurs between the two contrasting cousins — Kal is reactive; Kara is proactive. Kal seems more relentless in his pursuit of justice; Kara is more worrisome. Convicts from Krypton ambush the duo! That was bound to happen! Kara flies off and inadvertently sneaks a peek at the Crisis on Infinite Earths!! She is fated to perish and is disturbed by this. More importantly, she has heard the scream of worlds dying before :0 As she ponders her impending doom, she shakes off the trauma and returns to rescue Kal. The opening that leads back to their world closes no thanks to the hardened criminals. The Ape-Men from Earth-AD storm Gotham due to Telos’ opening of the dome.

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: Ape-Men [Earth-AD]
Gratuitous Bat-supporting character guest star: Lucius Fox

Memorable line: “More like a shard of submicroscopic needle deliberately hidden in a haystack the size of an expanding sun.” – Superman

Major revelation: The red skies that herald CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS!!!

Danger level: 8/10


“The New Normal” (22 pages) by Marc Andreyko, Carlos D’Anda, Gabe Eltaeb, Steve Wands

Another rendering of ‘day-in-the-life’, a popular trope in comic books. This storytelling device makes perfect sense considering a bit of screen time is devoted to each of the six members of the team including the title character himself. With Batman, it’s all business. He’s spent almost an entire year trying to deduce the perpetrator of the dome. Epic fail. Some detective he’s turned out to be. There’s a good-natured dig against cosplay when a construction worker surmises why Black Lightning has never taken off his costume. Katana feels helpless and sad that Halo is hospitalized. Geo-Force is dealing with all kinds of rage before he learns to drown his sorrows (at least he tries). Rex Mason is living the charmed life free of his freak appearance and with his one true love. That all changes when one year to the day, the dome opens. An angry OMAC emerges, ready for battle.

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: OMAC [Earth-AD]
Gratuitous Bat-supporting character guest star: Leslie Thompkins

Memorable lines: “Well, you still have one superpower.” “Oh yeah, what’s that?” “Hangover invulnerability.” – construction worker to Geo-Force

Danger level: 7/10


“Out of the Running” (22 pages) by Dan Abnett, Federico Dallocchio, Veronica Gandini, Tom Napolitano

Barry Allen’s life has slowed down considerably!! He is lost in a haze. His beloved Iris is forever gone. His parents are back in Central City. He’s trapped in Gotham after having come for a charity event. Nevertheless, life goes on and so does he. Aside from immersing himself in work and fending off the advances of an attractive co-worker, Barry can’t stop moping. On the one-year anniversary, he decides to turn a new page and relays this to his buddy Bruce. When his powers reappear, his elation turns to shock when his opponent spits out a familiar name but with a totally different aesthetic.

Side note: the entire artistic team is Italian. Molto bene!

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: Superman [Tangent Universe]
Gratuitous Bat-supporting character guest star: Bruce Wayne

Memorable lines: “Maybe this time it’s a marathon. Not a sprint.” – Bruce Wayne to Barry Allen

Danger level: 7/10


“Good Guys and Bad Guys” (22 pages) by David Gallaher, Ande Parks, Steve Ellis, Hi-Fi Design, Dave Sharpe

Guy Gardner’s existence is down the toilet. Upon returning from a coma induced by Sinestro, his life has gone in a downward direction. It’s a good thing he’s seeking therapy otherwise he’d really snap! Even so, Guy is hellbent on getting a leg up on Hal Jordan. After speaking with Carol Ferris and John Stewart, Guy finds his quarry. Hal has been trying to communicate to Oa. Guy destroys all of Hal’s SETI-like equipment. When the dome opens, the power battery is lit anew. Hal clocks one to Guy and recharges his ring. He won’t have Guy experience another near-death. Guy knows he doesn’t need any gadgets to engage in super-heroics. He puts on a helmet, grabs a baseball bat, and rides off ready to bust some skulls.

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: Hal Jordan

Gratuitous Bat-supporting character guest star: Leslie Thompkins

Memorable lines: “I’m looking for Hal Jordan.” “You and half the ladies of Gotham. Get lost.” – Guy Gardner to Carol Ferris

Nod to fans: The Justice League role call as role-played by the kids on the courtyard is beyond cute. Coach Gardner even throws in the “Super Friends” designation to acknowledge their good behaviour.

Danger level: 7/10


“Revelations” (22 pages) by Jeff Parker, Tim Truman, Enrique Alacatena, John Kalisz, Dave Sharpe

The winged duo from Thanagar quell a riot in the streets of Gotham. One of the rioters turns out to be a fellow compatriot. He gives himself away when he calls Hawkwoman an Enforcer. That is the term for the police on their home planet. Shiera outs herself as one-half of the Hawks during a tour of the museum. As she and Hawkman race to the source of the aperture in the dome, other Thanagarians (who are also Shadow Warriors) send Manhawks after them. The former police officers crash into the criminals’ ship. They see the plan to use the Absorbascon to rule the Earth. Just as it seems the Hawks are at an impasse, Telos makes his grand announcement.

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: Shadow Warriors

Memorable line: “Through all of history, mankind has faced extinction scenarios. Where we felt survival was beyond human scope. And we assume mantles of creatures we know to be survivors. Strong. Capable. It reminds us on that deep level that we were once more than we are. That we can be more when the time comes. And we can rise to face that challenge!” – Shayera Hol as she reveals her costumed identity of Hawkwoman

Meta-moment: Lyros has a glimpse into the Multiverse!! More importantly, he’s seen the end result of CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS!! Plus, he gives away the ending to CONVERGENCE, no? “All the realities compress into one. No matter how hard you battle the chosen opponent’s land…our universe will not survive.”

Über-cool effect: Telos’ face on the grid

Nod to fans: Dr. Gardner, the curator of the museum {in reference to Gardner Fox, the creator of Hawkman and Hawkgirl}

Danger level: 8.5/10


“Heroes Interrupted” (22 pages) by Fabian Nicieza, Chriscross, Snakebite, Rob Leigh

Holla back to the Justice League Detroit, yo!! Sue Dibny is the narrator of this tale. The dome has been unsealed. The heroes pick up quickly. Elongated Man trains new recruits Steel, Vibe, and Vixen. Gypsy is asked to rendezvous with J’onn J’onzz. Aquaman appears not knowing she was summoned. He and Martian Manhunter mind meld to find the party behind the dome. They reach out to Zatanna. A bomb goes off where Ralph was training the newer members. The culprits are the alternate-reality version of the Secret Six. Sue is distraught that her hubby and her teammates might have kicked the bucket when Vibe emits an epithet as the team stands ready for action.

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: Atom, Flash, Joker, Manhunter, Plastic Man, Spectre {Secret Six} [Tangent Universe]

Gratuitous Bat-supporting character guest stars: Commissioner Gordon, Vicki Vale

Memorable lines: “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!“I did not miss you at all, Cynthia.” “Huh?” – Gypsy to Maritan Manhunter

Danger level: 6/10


“Opposing Truths”, (22 pages) by Marv Wolfman, Nicola Scott, Marc Deering, Jeromy Cox, Carlos M. Mangual

The 80’s were greaties!! The conceiver of the NTT is in the house! The new old faves are back: Wonder Girl. Nightwing. Starfire. Changeling. Cyborg. Jericho. Kole. What’s refreshingly different about this issue is the parallel structure. An almost equal amount of ‘space’ is devoted to the Doom Patrol of Earth-9. This female foursome are heroes in their universe and they are really reluctant to engage in combat with an opposing alternate Earth. The action is in tandem with the character interactions that propelled this title to the stratosphere in its early run. Donna Troy is den mother to all but desperately misses her hubby. Kory and Dick are being torn apart by their differences. Dick wonders if the emergence of the dome made their marriage convenient. Vic is ready to fall apart. Literally! There’s not enough molybdenum to keep him together. Gar, being his BFF, is there for moral support. Kole is carrying an unrequited love for Jericho.

Cities: Earth-One Gotham; Central City [Earth-9]
Character Conflict: Doomsday, Firehawk, Rampage, Star Sapphire {Doom Patrol} [Tangent Universe]

Hint of things to come: Cyborg powering Gotham City’s power grid. This is foreshadowing a different version of his character. Think!!

Memorable line: “Donna…He does like women…Doesn’t he?” – Kole to Wonder Girl in reference to Jericho not returning his interest.

Danger level: 9/10


“My Home in the Sky”, (22 pages) by Stuart Moore, Gus Storms, Mark Farmer, John Rauch, Pat Brosseau

Superboy is stuck in the 30th century and he’s not a happy camper. The Boy of Steel has become all mopey, rightfully missing his own time and place. He has become the spokesperson for the Legion as well as the de facto leader. In the interim, various members do their part assisting the Science Police and maintaining order in Metropolis. Braniac 5 stumbles upon a transmission from another world but his teammates unintentionally interrupt and kill any chance of further exploration. Lightning Lass shakes him out of his funk just in time as the dome fades. The Atomic Knights on giant hounds look upon the citizens.

City: 30th century Metropolis
Character Conflict: Atomic Knights [Earth-86]

Memorable line: “This sounds like big trouble. See what I did there?” – Colossal Boy

Danger level: 4/10


“It’s Not Easy Being Green!” (22 pages) by Len Wein, Kelley Jones, Michelle Madsen, Rob Leigh

Mr. Len Wein, the co-creator of the moss man is back to tend to his baby!! It’s the adventures of Alec and Abby! After a recap of his origin and death, Swamp Thing feels an urge to head to Gotham City and seek Batman. His one-time crush and good friend Abigail Arcane tags along. Just as he’s immersing himself in Gotham Central Park, the connection is severed thanks to the appearance of the dome. The result is the resurrection of Alec Holland trapped within Swampy’s body. Two entities in one. Abby drops by daily feeding the much malnourished man of the mire. An entire year passes before the two are transported to another Gotham City where a horde of vampires smell fresh meat and are anxious to dig in.

Cities: Earth-One Gotham; Red Rain Gotham City [Earth-43]
Character Conflict: vampires [Red Rain Universe]
Gratuitous Bat-supporting character guest stars: Batgirl, Poison Ivy

Unintentional crossover?/Hint of things to come: Could the boy named Dexter who spotted Swampy in a trench coat be the same serial killer ‘hero’ from the eponymous TV show?!?

Memorable line: “You happen to know a rhododendron who can tell you where to find The Batman?” – Abby sarcastically questioning Swampy’s abilities

Meta-moment: The crimson skies appear over the Louisiana bayou! They appear over Gotham City too!! This is a precursor to CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS!!

Danger level: 7/10


“ ‘I Sung of Chaos and Eternal Night’ ” (22 pages) by Larry Hama, Joshua Middleton, Sal Cipriano

Steve Trevor and Diana Prince have domestic bliss. Or do they? Diana works with her BFF Etta Candy in an Outreach program. Steve is at a desk job, no longer a pilot. Etta has joined a cult that believes angels will descend saving everyone on Earth. Things go from bad to worse when granting one of their patient’s dying wish. She dies as she’s being cleansed by Sister Miranda, the leader of the cult. When Telos broadcasts his intentions, Diana is knocked out by the paranoid churchgoers. She’s locked up and bound in a dungeon but frees herself when her powers resurge. Etta escaped and brought Steve as back-up. The supposed angels are vampire versions of Batman’s rogues: Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy. Steve is assailed by the two women and others while Joker snatches Etta. When WW arrives, she sees that her closest friend has been bitten.

City: Earth-One Gotham
Character Conflict: vampire Catwoman, vampire Joker, vampire Poison Ivy [Red Rain Universe]

Memorable line: “Whatever they are, their corporeal mass must obey the law of physics! Hydrostatic shock from a jacketed 9mm will still stop their forward motion!” – Steve Trevor as he prepares to shoot the vampiric Poison Ivy

Nod to fans: Marston Street {in reference to William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman}

Danger level: 9/10