What To Look Forward To – 04/29/15 – Plus highlights of Convergence Week Four

Happy New Comics Day and welcome to What To Look Forward To!

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week, plus another breakdown of a few Convergence titles. Fifth week is upon us, which publishers usually use to give themselves a little break, but it looks like DC is still plugging through and Image is having a good week so let’s take a look…

Batman #40Batman #40 Spoilers Preview 2Written by Scott Snyder; Art by Greg Capullo

  • The conclusion to “Endgame”! One of Batman’s biggest and baddest fights in recent years comes to an end, and things are looking to change for the Bat-family. (If you’ve seen the spoilers online, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, don’t go looking!)

Multiversity #2 – Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Ivan Reis

  • I’ve been kind of on-and-off of Grant Morrison the last few years, but the Multiversity books have been some of his best work recently. Really a standout since the New 52 began.

Superman #40 – Story and art by John Romita Jr.

  • Romita Jr. flies solo to tell a story of Superman’s newfound power. Goeff Johns was previously writing for the series, but announced he was stepping off with issue #39. A short run, but a big deal since it was Romita’s first work on DC ever. This looks to be a standalone issue and may be a good jumping-on point for new fans.

Vertigo Quarterly SFX #1 – by various

  • This is Vertigo’s second run of a quarterly book recently, the first being CMYK. I enjoy books like this because it’s a great way for the reader to get introduced to new creators they may have never otherwise read.

Bitch Planet #4Fuse 12Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Art by Valentine De Landro

  • Artist Valentine De Landro returns!

Fuse #12 – Written by Antony Johnston; Art by Justin Greenwood

  • The conclusion of the second arc, Gridlock, which started in issue 7! This is a book I feel isn’t getting enough attention. It’s not like mind-blowingly amazing and I’m not saying EVERYONE SHOULD BE READING IT RIGHT NOW but I think it’s understated among Image’s other top books. Give it a shot, the first TPB, The Russia Shift, collecting issues #1-6 is out now.

Rumble #5 – Written by John Arcudi; Art by James Harren

  • The conclusion to the first arc! I will admit that I am an issue or two behind in reading this series, but I’ve loved what I have read so far. It’s actiony, funny, and a bit off-the-wall. Get started now if you can, and the TPB should be coming soon.

Silver Surfer #11 – Written by Dan Slott; Art by Mike Allred

  • I don’t read a lot of Marvel and I haven’t read the last few issues of SS, but this looks to be a very special issue. Might want to check it out.


This is the final week of new Convergence titles, next month is all issue #2s. I’ll keep running this section, but mostly with reviews of issues #1 and thoughts of #2s going forward.

Action ComicsConvergence ActionWritten by Justin Gray; Art by Jean-Claude St. Aubin

  • The Cold War continues! Superman and Power Girl are caught between Lex Luthor and Stalin, and his right-hand Superman of Moscow, and their nuclear arsenals. Red Son is one of my favorite Superman stories, and this is a series I’ve been excited about since the announcement.

Detective Comics – Written by Len Wein; Art by Denys Cowan

  • Helena Wayne and Dick Grayson of Earth-2 must decide who will take up the mantle of Batman as they fight their chosen nemesis under the dome; possibly Superman of Moscow, according to an early preview.

Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters – Written by Simon Oliver; Art by John McCrea

  • Even if it wasn’t tied to DC, I’d be picking up this book. Uncle Sam teams up with the robot superheroes/villains from Future’s End to fight Nazis in New York City. Nazis vs. Robots? Yeah, I’m in.

Shazam – Written by Jeff Perker; Art by Evan “Doc” Shaner

  • The Marvel Family takes on the world of Gotham by Gaslight! As a Batman fan, this is another I didn’t see coming but can’t wait for.

That’s it for this week, happy reading everyone!