WWE King of the Ring 2015 Results (Neville vs. Sheamus, Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth)

WWE presented an accelerated King of the Ring tournament.

After the preliminary matches on Monday Night Raw, the semi final matches were set.

Jerry “The King” Lawler did the announcing along with Michael Cole and JBL.

Neville cut a promo talking about winning the tournament.

Semi Final Match #1
Neville vs. Sheamus

Dolph Ziggler came out and cost Sheamus the match by distracting him from the entrance.
Winner: Neville

R Truth did a wacky backstage promo

Semi Final Match #2
Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth

Truth got some offense in but Barrett won in the end.
Winner: Barrett

Tribute to Verne Gagne.

King of the Ring Finals
Bad News Barrett vs. Neville

Neville was selling an injury suffered at the hands of Sheamus. Barrett won clean with a Bull Hammer.
Winner: Barrett

Bad News Barrett is the 2015 King of the Ring.