Marvel Comics Review & Spoilers: Thor #8 By Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson — OH. MY. GODDESS! Thor Revealed!

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THOR {4th series} #8
“The Woman beneath the Mask” (20 pages)
Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Russell Dauterman
Colors by: Matthew Wilson
Letters by: VC’s Joe Sabino
Production by: Idette Winecoor
Covers by: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson; Mike Mayhew

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

The wait is over!! After eight months of nail-biting agony, the helmet is removed!! Who is she? Who?!? Patience, True Believers.

THOR #8 title page

Fem Force, fight on!! Eek, don’t slap me with copyright infringement. Picking up immediately from the last page of last issue, Prince Odinson wisely sought his mother Freyja to assist the Goddess of Thunder in her battle against the Destroyer. An impressive group of women have opted to join in on the fun.

Call me clueless but the narrative boxes in the two-page spread should’ve indicated to me the identity of the newest deity. Obviously not. I just enjoy each story for what it is. My analytical and observational skills aren’t as sharp as they used to be, especially when I’m purposely not trying to overthink it. Nevertheless, see if you can figure it out before I blab it all.

Thor - list of potential welders

Odin isn’t outraged that someone wrested Mjolnir from his favourite son. He’s outraged that some female has possession of it. He’s nothing but a boor and Freyja is wise on calling out his chauvinism. Odin is the All-Father of Pricks!! He has his brother Cul animating the indestructible armorer but Cul himself is paralyzed, at One-Eye’s beck-and-whim. Cul is awaiting big brother’s commands but as always, the old oaf is aloof.

Time for the ladies to show their mettle. Roll call: Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Karnilla, Sif, Idunn, Hildegarde, Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Angela, the All-Mother, Thor, as well as Odinson. Levity is inserted when Carol labels their new playmate “the chick with the hammer”. Jess is in such awe of her that only one word is apt for her admiration: “Hawt.” Is that a double-entendre? I laughed, which seemed to be the intended result.

Thor tells Odinson he didn’t need to resort to summoning allies since the danger factor has now increased. He is so adamant on knowing her identity that he’ll leave her afterwards. She snaps back that every Thor has his/her secrets and she’ll die protecting hers. Being an Asgardian, you know she speaks true!

Freyja is so fierce! She will put an end to her hubby’s folly and rid him of his all-knowing ability. She takes her sword and puts it right through the Destroyer’s face. Cul talks big for someone who can’t even budge. Overcompensating, much? The sexism sputtering from his mouth is so vile. Odin remains unusually quiet. As such, the animated automaton blasts Freyja. Odinson is outraged. Thor hurls her hammer. Freyja just won’t let up. That’s the spirit!! She sarcastically states that Odin’s legacy is nothing but lunacy. Odin succumbs to shame and orders Cul to spirit away the Destroyer. Asgard forbid that the Omnipresent One should be portrayed as the bad guy.

Freyja tells Thor that she has made a major enemy of Odin. She informs her that she’ll never be able to set foot on Asgardia. Thor seems okay with that. She thanks all parties involved for their assistance. Karnilla snootily states that she won’t forget the offer. Hildegarde will accept mead and roasted goat, ASAP. Spider-Woman would like a punching pal if the Goddess ever finds herself in NYC. Sif advises Thor to lose the hammer and the sidekick (Odinson). Double ouch! Brunnhilde approves of and applauds Thor’s thirst for adventure. Exit: everyone.

Who is Thor - crossing off the list

The heart-to-heart, the tête-à-tête takes place. Time to clear the air. First off, Odinson iterates that he is not her sidekick. Thor has the highest regard for him. To her, there really is no one more worthy. She has to keep on her mission of thwarting Dario Agger and Malekith when Odinson bluntly tells her that he knows her alter ego. Ready? It’s……Roz Solomon!!! Thor remains guarded. Odinson is about to tell her what Nick Fury whispered to him on the moon (see ORIGINAL SIN #7)

THOR #8 pg. 11 THOR #8 pg. 12A THOR #8 pg. 12B

when they are interrupted by Agent Rosalind Solomon of S.H.I.E.L.D. Huh?!? *scratches head*

THOR #8 pg. 14

She is one firecracker! She chews out Thor for ruining her mission on taking down Agger. She expects cooperation not all-out assault. Odinson’s look on his face is priceless. Thor takes advantage of the unexpected appearance (no kidding!) and makes a hasty retreat. Odinson is irked that he’s left wanting an answer. He tears up the list when Roz inquires about it and asks her to take him to the nearest watering hole. Drinks are on him.

Two little interludes: (a) Back in Asgardia, Freyja has a major mad-on. She is about to barge in on her dear heart and disturb his solitude. (b) Malekith is in Jothunheim along with Agger. He resurrects Laufey, King of the Frost Giants, with the magic of a hundred slain Light Elves.

The last four pages are the Big Reveal. Thor’s inner thoughts are shared with us. She despises the sneakiness but sees it as an absolute necessity. She brings back the thought of her dying mother. Mjolnir is released (gasp!) but will return when she summons it. The truth must be kept from all, otherwise she would be impeded. The essence of Thor is captured in this monologue: Thor = humility, mortality, struggle, altruism, absolute devotion.

The transformation peels back and we see….Dr. Jane Foster, recently ravaged with cancer (images here). She is dedicated to the cause. Shock upon shock shows that being Thor is killing her but she refuses to relinquish her new role. OH. MY. GODDESS!!

Men are pigs!
Cul takes the cake with a trio of comments:
What should be done with these she-gnats, my lord?
Just imagine if our mother Bestia had ever dared disrespect our father Bor in such a manner.”
Your temperamental wife and her impetuous friends must be reminded that there is still an All-Father in Asgard. And he will suffer no such insolence.”

The Sovereign of Asgard isn’t all he’s cracked up to be either:
Damn you, woman. Damn you for making me the villain.” – Odin

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves?
I don’t want to call the women catty but their individual fortitude works against them as a whole.

I came only to see the rumors of a new Thor were true and it would appear that they are. For a few more seconds at least.” – Karnilla, the Norn Queen

HMPH. Is it the hammer that makes you sound like such a pig-headed fool, or do you Thors just do that on your own?” – Lady Sif

Would you see us bested by a man of tin? Fight like you mean it, you puny wenches!” – Hildegarde

Verily, Odinson was way off with his deduction. Bear witness to this:

So you’re the new Thor person, huh? What, big guy? Why are you gawking at me like that? I’m the one who should be gawking. This is all kinds of crazy.” – Roz
Agent…Solomon?” – Odinson

I have been casually reading THOR volume four. By that, I mean I bought the first issue, read the fourth and sixth before it was announced that number eight would shed light on the matter. I was most intrigued of The List. Being the thorough guy that I am, I filled in the gaps by reading all the other issues. I’m not a fan of Dario Agger nor his involvement with Malekith. Thor’s evolution in the heroine she has decided to be has made me cheer louder and louder with each subsequent turn.

Jason Aaron, you are a sly fox! You presented a neat about-face in ORIGINAL SIN when you deemed Odinson unworthy. C’mon!! How could you not inform us of those whispered words that made a god genuflect?!? With SECRET WARS on the horizon, we’ll have to wait at least another four to five months. I did not follow Mr. Aaron’s run on the previous volume but suffice to say, he embraces the encompassing mythology of this former hero and all its participants. Progress has to develop naturally, not to satisfy the status quo. Perhaps I was fool enough to not fully pay attention, but I am dazzled by the fake-out of last issue when all arrows pointed to Roz as heiress to the hammer. Mr. Aaron writes Thor with awe, confidence, determination, and doubt. She heard Mjolnir call to her and heeded its cry for help. I love how her speech is Asgardian but her thoughts are evidently Earthly. What makes her a warrior is her drive to fight the good fight. Her frail form of Jane Foster is an amazing reversal of Dr. Donald Blake. I see that Jane is a scrapper even if Mjolnir had not summoned her. Like any other cancer patient, s/he carries on with the hope for a cure but accepting the reality of the situation.

Russell Dauterman was drawing NIGHTWING just before he was brought on to this title. Thor is elegant each and every time. She brings a regal presence without any pomp. Odinson bares more than his chest. He has deep empathy for the Goddess of Thunder and remains honourable. The ladies look lethal, especially Freyja. She is a matronly monarch but not a pushover. The lines designate every single character and expertly expose the background.

Matthew Wilson maintains the lustre of Thor’s helmet. The close-up of her eyes illustrate a woman torn between protecting herself as well as others. Cul is disturbingly creepy with the void filling his eyes as well as that thick long-braided moustache. The red lines within Destroyer’s metallic sheen demonstrate an almost unbeatable opponent.

VC’s Joe Sabino superbly singles out the speech, especially the jagged bubbles emerging from Cul. The locators are a hoot with the hammer in each. Jane’s contemplations are noble with the furled border.

Man, oh man!! Considering that I originally had a passing interest in this title (it isn’t on my pull list), I’m ecstatic with the ‘spoiler’. I’ve always been a feminist in my own way. As crushing as it was to see Jane besieged by cancer, it’s inspiring to see her in this new development. Also, I’ve taken a real liking to Freyja. I know that she is Odinson’s mother but she has come to prominence the last two years. I love how she stands up to her hot-headed husband at every opportunity.

Acknowledging the inscription on Mjolnir and exalting the latest incarnation of its welder, I give this book 13 out of 14 words (92.8%)

Mjolinr - if she be worthy

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