Metalhead’s Thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber 2015, Monday Night Raw 06.01.2015

So, here we are, for yet another WWE PPV. And for yet another Metalhead’s thoughts. I should perhaps start to number those.

Anyway, let’s get right down to it with first my Elimination Chamber thoughts/ramblings.

– Pre-show match and the only question I have here is: Who the hell is Stephen Amell??? Aside from my admittedly limited knowledge of American celebs, nothing to report here, just a match that was there.

– Aieaieaie was what I thought several times during the Tag Team Elimination Chamber match. Not because I was impressed by the impact of some moves (well except when Cesaro was making them, he was on fire again), but because it all felt a little awkward and overly complicated at times. Besides when Torito looks better than Kalisto on a High-flying spot, then something is very wrong. Not really good, booking and execution could have been much better. On a side note, was the difference of level between Cesaro/Kidd really big here or is it  just me? Lucha Dragons disappointed, Ascension weren’t too bad, PTP didn’t get too much to do and New Day still works as heel champions. Did I forget anyone? Oh yeah, sorry, Natalya looked hot.

– Oh dear, I hope Paige was alright after this, she took some nasty bumps. The girls did work hard, but the difference between the NXT female division and the Diva’s (or indeed most other female divisions/promotions grows more obvious by the minute. Lesson to Nikki and Co, sometimes it’s better to work a basic match and do it well than to attempt things that are destined to fail or look akward. Aside from that I fail to grasp the reason why Nikki is still champion, I thought this would be an ideal spot to put the title on Naomi. Surely the “They want Nikki to beat AJ’s record” rumor is without base. Then again…

– Sometimes I’m wrong. It’s as simple as that. I was looking at the whole Owens/Cena thing with some skepticism, believing they would give us some half-assed thing at EC and boy did i misjudge that one. What more can I say, there is a right way and a wrong way to put someone over and this was definitely the right way. Even more important, BOTH were good and believable in their respective role, and the booking didn’t overshadow things for once, just two guys wanting to prove who’s the best, for different reasons. Great stuff.

– Though spot to be in for Neville and Dallas, having Dallas control the majority of the match didn’t help either. Note to WWE, having commentary remind us former nxt stars had  feuds against each-other (Ascension/Lucha Dragons, Neville/Dallas) isn’t enough to make matches between said former rivals interesting. Especially if they are allotted half the time than they used to have. Hope they’re working on something solid for Neville to do, he needs it.

-Basically the same thing as the Tag Team affair but with less people. Strange booking, bad execution, the one story (Sheamus picking the perfect timing to start eliminating people before Ryback got him) was so badly done it kinda was lost on everyone (including the wrestlers apparently). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind Ryback winning, it just seems a bit pointless and random to pût the belt on him (or most for that matter) at this point. IC belt is still dead in the water.

– I thought the Main Event was a rather good match, I enjoyed it, mostly. But, that ending. Urghs. I do get what they’re trying to do, it’s a ploy like another to continue this feud until Money in the Bank (or better said until Lesnar come back), and, if anyone can pull that sort of shenanigans off it’s Ambrose. But, compare this to the Owens/Cena thing. An incredibly intense match with a clear winner and no real loser. When it comes to booking less is more dear WWE.

Overall, not a great show, the EC matches were sub-standard, which is not a good thing when they’re supposed to be the point of the show. The Main Event was good, but the finish lowered it, but the whole thing was saved y one match, and yes, it more or less made me forget the rest. Dear WWE, you have a very good thing going with Owens, something that could very well become awesome. Please don’t screw this up.


A few quick thoughts on RAW:

– I liked Owens’ promo very much, it was all it needed to be and then some. Cena’s I don’t know, felt a bit exploitative. I really, really have no problem with putting kids or anyone with serious illnesses in the spotlight, aid them, comfort them, encourage them, but like this? In this context? I had a bit of trouble with this. The whole “You’re the better wrestler, I’m the better man” made little sense to me. That being said it did achieve its purpose the Owens/Cena feud is far from over and seems only to be gaining in intensity; And that’s a good thing.

– I really liked how the crowd responded when Ambrose finally appeared. Take note WWE, you don’t have to wait for Lesnar anymore, you can easily put the belt on this guy also.

– They are slowly repairing the damage they’ve done to Reigns, but I can’t help it. I’m still having this future Ambrose betrayal/heel turn vibe. I’ve been wrong before of course.

– Ziggler was not really there in his match and Neville had a re-match against Dallas which was basically the same as the night before. Why don’t you put those two ( Ziggler and Neville) in a feud over the IC title or something, WWE? That’ll get people’s attention.

– Twin magic only works when said twins actually look alike.

– On the same note, Weren’t the Bella’s faces on Sunday? And now they are heels again? I’m confused.

– Ryback vs The Big Show? Ok enough WWE for now, I need to get back to my Japanese wrestling. Quickly!



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