Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 3 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Winner Sarah Hanlon


The day after she was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 3, I headed to the backyard to do an extended interview with Sarah Hanlon. I set the record straight with Sarah about my feelings on her win and we openly and frankly discussed the Coup D’Etat twist that ultimately resulted in Sarah’s closest ally (Brittnee) being saved by Canada. Sarah made a phenomenal point about how she not only won the veto to save herself that week, but followed it up by winning HOH the next week which resulted in her having two weeks of safety and, as a result, not needing the twist to stay in the game. We talked about the differences between Sarah’s game and Godfrey’s game and how the jury seemed to appreciate the champion’s aggressive type of play ahead of Godfrey’s more subtle strategy. Sarah highlighted the fact that Godfrey seemed to make promises to members of the jury that he didn’t deliver upon and that this ultimately resulted in them not wanting to give him their vote at the end and credited her strong social connections for her success in the house. Sarah described her game as ‘fearless’ and suggested that Godfrey’s game was ‘fearful.’ Sarah also elaborated on how she had to constantly fight to stay in the house while Godfrey seemed to be able to glide for the majority of the game. I asked Sarah to discuss the impact of Naeha and Johnny’s early evictions and how the game might have changed if they had both been able to last a little bit longer. Sarah called herself the ‘Grim Reaper’ of alliances where her friends would be evicted shortly after connecting with her. Sarah also revealed that she chose to wear her Neda BLK & SAINT shirt on days where she felt like she needed a little more luck in the game. Sarah opened up about her relationship with Bruno in the house and why the pair really weren’t ever able to get on the same page (even after they collaborated on the vote to the evict JP). I asked Sarah if her plan was always to let Brittnee get her hands dirty while she reaped the reward of her ally’s competition wins or if this was something that just naturally seemed to happen. I referenced Sarah’s pre-show interviews where she said that used to always sit at home, watch Big Brother, and yell at the players for not making the right move at the right time and that this was something she wanted to do. I asked the Season 3 winner if she felt like she had accomplished what she had wanted to. Finally, the interview ends with a major revelation from Sarah. Check out the video above!

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