JR Blog: Cena/Cesaro, WWE Tag Team Division “Feels Like Filler”, ROH, TNA and GFW Should Work Together

Jim Ross had a post-Raw Tuesday blog, here are some highlights.

on Cena vs. Cesaro
Loved the Cena vs. Cesaro match but wasn’t overwhelmed with how it ended. Nonetheless the match itself was excellent and showed that Cesaro is one of he best talents in the entire business and is certainly an untapped talent within the WWE, IMO. The United States Title Open Challenge by Cena is one of the best things that WWE has done creatively in a good while. I’ve enjoyed it every week.

on ROH, TNA and GFW Should working together
I’m of the mindset that ROH, TNA and GFW should have a civil, working relationship to some degree as adding their various assets together in a timely fashion might help all three organizations and might even encourage more viewers to find Destination America. Talent trades, interpromtional storylines, invasion type situations, and freshening up their rosters can’t hurt any thing. The question is and wil always be can all the egos be checked at the door for the good of the business and the fans?

on WWE Tag Team Division “Feels Like Filler”
Until a personal issue of a serious nature is created, the tag team scene simply feels like ‘filler’ material more often than not. There’s often times too much comedy but I do like the potential of the teams that are assembled but they seem to be after thoughts more often than not. This is a matter that can be easily remedied.

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