Big Brother 17 Episode 9 Recap & Spoilers 07.12.2015

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Big Brother 17 Episode 9 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off after the Battle of the Block competition. Austin knows the house wants Audrey back-dorred, but can’t let that happen because he’s the next big target.

Vanessa relives the story of Julia revealing the twin twist in the diary room. The night before the eviction, Julia decided to tell Vanessa about the twist, and gave her permission to tell Shelli and Clay to make an alliance. The four of them agree to add Austin, to which Austin is shocked (many thought that while this was happening during the live feeds, Austin was acting, but it appears that may not be the case).

Austin and Vanessa agree Audrey shouldn’t be their target. Vanessa says she wants to ensure either Jeff, James, or Jason leaves, and they agree that best case scenario is Vanessa remains HOH after the BOTB.

Liz and Julia switch, and Liz reintroduces herself to her new alliance. Vanessa tells her that people are noticing differences, and they have to work to hid the differences. Austin recommends they name their new alliance “Sixth Sense”.

John thinks he noticed a difference in Liz’s teeth, and he and Jeff go up to the HOH to check, but can’t get a good enough look. Jeff takes Austin in private, and tells him about the twin twist, and this time Austin was definitely acting surprised. He pretends he knows nothing about it, while saying this is going to make Jeff an even bigger target in his eyes.

In order for Vanessa to stay HOH, they decide to ask John to throw the BOTB again. They promise him complete safety through week 2 of jury, and he agrees.

Austin nominates Meg and Jason for eviction.

Vanessa nominates James and John for eviction.

Austin tells Meg and Jason they are meant to win the BOTB and James and John to lose so Audrey can be back-doored. Jason says it seems to be the opposite, but Austin says they need to trust him, and he will make sure they both stay.

Meg and Jason win the Battle of the Block, dethroning Austin. Vanessa is the final HOH, while James and John remain this weeks nominees.

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