SDCC 2015: Official Hasbro Marvel Legends Panel Images

At SDCC this weekend, Hasbro was on hand to show off next years Marvel Legends figures!

Spider-Man continues to lead the way, and will have at least 2 assortments next year. The first assortment will include:

-Ben Reilly Spider-Man (with alternate Carnage head/hands)
-Speed Demon
-The Beetle (Janice Lincoln)
-Jack O’Lantern
-Absorbing Man (Build-a-Figure)

Captain America will head up his own series of Marvel Legends as well. Wave 1 will include:

-Classic Captain America
-Red Skull Onslaught (Build-a-Figure)

There will be more to the first series, and it was teased that its possible more figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe can show up under the Captain America: Civil War banner. Vision, Scarlet Witch, & Falcon were specifically mentioned as possibilities. Wave 2 will feature Nuke’s debut figure.

Finally 2 more figures were teased. A new Namor & Abomination. Namor is pictured below. Abomination will use similar pieces to the new Rhino Build-a-Figure.

Namor Sneak Peek

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