Top 3 All-New All-Different Marvel: The First 18 Of 47 Primed For October 2015! With Two Of The Missing 15! Plus A New Watcher?

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Eighteen crisp, clean, flashy number ones hit all sides of your wallet in October 2015! Aside from those, two separate one-shots featuring various short stories of this different direction also make their way to the shelves.

Here comics the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics era with 45 publicly announced series and 15 series not-so-publicly confirmed with retailers only!

There was mention of MARVEL SUPER HERO SPECTACULAR at SDCC but I won’t really include it here (even though I’m writing a brief blurb) simply because it looks out-of-continuity based on the cover (Odinson is still Thor). Plus, it looks more like a Disney thing based on the synopsis as well as the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE animated series line-up.

Here are the Top 3 books I’m most excited about.

ANADM Point One virgin cover

The spotlight shines on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Carnage, the Contest of Champions, Daredevil, and two hush-hush features. The cover sports Groot and Rocket Raccoon Raccoon hinting at GUARDIANS of the GALAXY unless that’s a red herring. Plus, the female is Crystal and I read a spoiler that Charles Soule is releasing ALL-NEW INHUMANS with her as the lead. Oops!! Did I say that?

AVENGERS #0 virgin cover

Who is the new Watcher surveying the various branches of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?? All-New All-Different, New or simply Uncanny? What tickles your fancy? Plus, A-Force and Ultimates are close-enough additions as well as the Ultimates for affiliation purposes.


BLADE #1 virgin cover
BLADE {2nd Series} #1

SDCC revealed that the Vampire Hunter has a legacy to uphold!! Fallon Grey, the titular character’s teenage daughter has inherited the family business. And, to make it fresh and exciting: no vampires!! Other monsters exist too.

UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL {2nd Series} #1 virgin cover
UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL {2nd Series} #1 Kirby monster variantUNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL {2nd Series} #1  hip-hop variant

Doreen Green (hey, that rhymes!) continues to stay in college but she’s also bound to be a true-blue member of the Avengers!! How nutty is that? So nice they had to launch her series twice!

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