Wonder Woman #42 Spoilers & Review: Who Is Manipulating DC Comics’ Donna Troy & What’s Next For The DC You Anti-Heroine? Plus Titans Hunt?!

I’ve been intrigued by the debut and subplot involving Donna Troy in the new era of Wonder Woman in the DC You by writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch. The wife and husband creative duo have turned the series on its head into a more traditional super-heroine yarn than the criticially acclaimed previous New 52 run by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang.

However, I have to say, the current run of Wonder Woman by the Finches as been equally as fun as the previous creative team’s and has given long-time fans what they wanted: more Wonder Woman as super-heroine action plus Donna Troy; even if she’s a lot a different than her pre-Flashpoint DC Comics iteration although she’s not as different as the current DC Comics’ Wally West compared to his predecessor; he’s a biracial teen not a young adult like Donna Troy, Dick Grayson and the others.

Although, in fairness, the DC You older no-longer-teens “Teen Titans” are NOT who and what you may remember.

Interestingly Donna Troy will be a lead a new October 2015 launching Titans Hunt ongoing series featuring the secret history of th Teen Titans; the only Silver Age original Teen Titan not seemingly on that roster is Wally West. So, how does Titans Hunt, set in the past of the current era of DC Comics, fit into the current run of Wonder Woman. That, my friends, is to be determined.

Anyhow, Wonder Woman #42 hit stands today and it was another dizzying, fun, doozy.

Wonder Woman #42 spoilers 1 Wonder Woman #42 spoilers 2

Spoilers and review follow for Wonder Woman #42.

It appears that Strife, a familial goddess to Diana the Goddess of War now in the Olympian pantheon and DC Comics’ Wonder Woman, is behid the manipulation of Donna Troy? Is Donna a villain, an anti-heroine or something else? Looks like she’s heading for redemption seek out the fates!

Wonder Woman #42 spoilers 3

And, this subplot leaps to the forefront it seems as Donna Troy takes the cover for Wonder Woman #43 shipping in November 2015.

Wonder Woman #43 spoilers 1

A fun read that includes a former pre-Flashpoint Teen Titan who appears on the road to some kind of redemption in the present and, in October 2015, gets a bit more history and legacy as a heroine as a founding Teen Titans in the pages of Titans Hunt. Donna Troy = not all is as it seems.

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