Global Force Wrestling News: GFW Amped TV Taping Results [Spoilers]



These are taping results from Global Force Wrestling’s TV show, which is not on a network yet, so these are more like a pilot

Half the Orleans Arena is tamped off, one side of arena is mostly filled, other side is largely empty.

Enthusiastic crowd but quiet for names they don’t know.

Lighting and sound are great, probably better than ROH, no pyro and no tron.

Match 1
Seiya Sanada v PJ Black
PJ Black wins with 450 splash.

Bobby Roode promo.
He is in GFW because Jeff Jarrett came into Roode’s company (TNA) and took something from him – The King Of The Mountain Title. So he is here in GFW to take the GFW title and bring it back to TNA. Nick Aldis interrupts and says Roode and His boss (doesn’t name Dixie Carter) have no respect for the fans, the boys in the back or the business. Suddenly Kongo Kong is in the ring and attacks Aldis while Roode bails. After Kongo leaves, Roode came back in with Crippler Crossface on Aldis.

Match 2
Lucha match
Phoenix Star, Zokre and Misterioso Jr beat Bestia 666, Blood Eagle and Steve Pain when Misterioso and Zokre combine for lung lower, moonsault double team. Typical lucha spot fest

Henry Maxwell is introduced and comes out in a ton to chants of “who are you?” He starts to sing America the Beautiful to a chorus of boos when the Akbars come out and attack Maxwell. Akbars cut a promo in Arabic and then say they want the GFW Tag Titles.

Match 3
Akbars vs Bollywood Boyz
Akbars do a Muslim gimmick and Bollywood Boys come out with two hot Bollywood style dancers.

Bollywood Boyz win and advance in tag tournament with pin after successive top rope elbow drops.

Match 4
Kushida vs Virgil Flynn III
Flynn appears to be Cheeseburger of ROH fame. Kushida wins by submission with Kimura.

Karen Jarrett promo
Welcomes everyone to Vegas and GFW and she is excited for the main event between Lei’D Tapa, Christina Von Erie and Mickie James.

Lei’D Tapa interrupts with her husband, who looks like Taz with a long braided beard. He complains that Mickie James is old news. Karen says unlike Tapa, she doesn’t need her husband to talk for her. She says Tapa needs to do is win her match.

Match 5
Christina Von Erie vs Mickie Hames vs Lei’D Tapa
Women’s match in round 1 of GFW Women’s tournament.
Sloppy match, Christina Von Erie wins with top rope lung lower on Lei’D Tapa.

Tapa is still very green but has a hell of a presence and at one point in the match hit a DOUBLE Samoan drop on both Von Erie and James.


Post intermission.

Match 1 Next Gen tournament
Jigsaw v Sonja Dutt
Jigsaw wins with top rope double stomp into pile driver variation

Chael Sonnen interview segment
Sonnen comes out and heels the crowd, calling everyone jabronis. His guest is Virgil Flynn III. He tells Virgiil that after taking Kushida to he limit in his previous match he has earned his way into the next gen tournament. Flynn is about to speak when Darewolf PJ Black comes out. He congratulates Flynn them says he (Black) is going to win the Next Gen tourney and super kicks Flynn

Match 2 Global Heavyweight tourney
Brian Myers “The prince of Queens” vs Chris “Adonis” Mordetzky
Mordetzky wins with The Masterlock

Match 3 Tag Tourney match
Reno Scum vs Zokre and Phoenix Star
Reno Scum wins with surfboard/top rope double stomp double team.

Match 4 Global Heavyweight tourney
Bobby Roode vs Kevin Kross
Roode wins with Crippler Crossface submission.

Jeff Jarrett promo
Jarrett comes out and thanks everyone. Let’s everyone know additional stars are on the way to global including:
Shelton Benjamin
Killer Elite Squad
Bullet Club – Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows

Bobby Roode comes out and interrupts Jarrett telling him that Global Force Wrestling is a joke. Jarrett tells Roode that he’ll keep it short and sweet : Roode’s next opponent in the heavyweight title tourney is “Showtime” Eric Young and then Jarrett leaves.

Main Event
Nick Aldis vs Kongo Kong
Henry Maxwell is out first to introduce his “best friend” Kongo Kong. Maxwell is like a cross between Jim Cornette and Joel Gertner. Kong is a huge African-American/Samoan guy who looks like a modern Kamala/Umaga, nearly 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds, but can really go in the ring. During the match Kong hit both a cannonball in the corner and a top rope moonsault!

Aldis wins with a Uranage/Rock Bottom.

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