10 Thoughts on… WWE Monday Night Raw 07.27.2015 (Paige v. Sasha Banks, Randy Orton v. Kevin Owens)


10 Thoughts on… WWE Monday Night Raw for July 27, 2017


1) Authority Promo: They announce the four hour time slot for Summer Slam before stating that it would be a night of firsts, just like the announce team would say through the ENTIRE broadcast. Dean Ambrose vs. Big Show, Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens, Paige vs. NXT women’s champion Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte were the matches set for the evening. John Cena came out and called out Rollins for being a bad champion, instead of being able to challenge Rollins for his title Cena’s title was put on the line for the main event that night. Rollins chuckled and the Authority left the ring.

2) Dean Ambrose v. Big Show: We’ve never seen them square off one on one but the match, with Miz was on commentary (not sure who was more annoying, Miz or the announce team stating “Don’t anger the giant!” and “Vintage (superstar name)!” the entire time or Miz acting like he could’ve done just as well in a match. Let’s face it though, Miz is great at that part of his character. With a count out victory after a knockout punch I was disappointed but seeing Ambrose walk away while Big Show was laid out after the match felt pretty good.

3) Neville v. Fandango: Was there any point to this match? No. Did it setup the Stardust promo? Yes. Neville won quickly and the Stardust promo that followed was entertaining but the pointless match kept some of the fun and excitement we should see from two athletic superstars. Cody/Stardust was pretty amazing though.

4) Paige v. Sasha Banks: Two great women entered the ring tonight and put on a pretty great match. We saw Sasha put on a great act of disrespect by mocking Paige, we saw Paige take out “Team BAD” from the top rope and we saw Sasha win the match via submission. It was a great match, all in all, however am I the only one tired of these diva victories via submission?

5) Rusev & Summer Rae Promo: Anyone else tired of this talking and no action crap from this group? With Ziggler out Rusev and Summer appear to exist to taunt Lana. Lana retaliated by taking down Summer and slapping Rusev. However, this may be the Attitude era version of myself talking, am I the only one who thinks sooner or later Rusev is going to snap and put his hands on Lana? (Which could lead to a heroic, magnificent return by Dolph but still the constant ability of Lana to survive week after week and come out on top every time lately seems like it’ll run out soon.)

6) Lucha Dragons v. Los Matadores: A good match overall but how many times can we have someone else involved in a feud/ title scene sit on commentary? I don’t love the announce team but having Superstars there throughout the night seems like a crutch WWE Creative is using too often. With the Lucha Dragons picking up the win I was glad to see that the interruption by The New Day didn’t lead to my favored team losing (sorry Matadores) but I would have preferred a high-flying battle without the commentary of the Prime Time Players and without The New Day showing their faces.

7) Bray Wyatt Promo: So Harper being back makes Wyatt more dangerous. Making the comparison between Harper and Bray’s former pet animal means that we should expect some more viscous actions from the pair (and maybe group when Rowan returns?) However, the lack of any appearance by Roman Reigns was a little baffling.

8) Charlotte & Becky Lynch v. Team Bella (Nikki & Alicia): A much shorter match than it deserved the divas did their best with the time given. However, with another win via submission I’m wondering if creative will ever let these women fight long and hard enough to allow a pinfall victory?

9) Randy Orton v. Kevin Owens: Again with someone else on commentary! Sheamus ran his mouth, as usual.  (It’s getting boring/repetitive, no matter who is on the headset.) Orton and Owens had a good back and forth but then, of course, Sheamus got involved. Before damage could be done to Orton he was saved by Cesaro who came after Sheamus before turning to go for Owens who hit the Pop-up Powerbomb and left Cesaro in the middle of the ring. The match itself could have been better (with the talent between these two you’d think it’d be a show-stopping match) however they had good moments and I’m sure we’ll see this pair battle it out down the line.

10) United States Championship Match, John Cena (c) v. Seth Rollins: This was main event worthy. The two men put on a great match and it showed just how great each man can be when given the chance to shine and when given a partner to battle that has such amazing chemistry. Rollins looked strong and confident, even without his lackeys (character development in progress!) but the greatest part of the match was probably Cena’s worst. With Rollins kneeing Cena in the face and (apparently although, can you really doubt it,) breaking Cena’s nose it looked like Cena was done for. However, Cena battled on, nose off-center and all, to keep fighting Rollins. Cena would eventually pull out the win, leaving both men battered, Cena bloody and both men looking stronger and more solid than anyone probably could have hoped for.

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