Kevin Nash Talks about WWE Wrestlemania 32 Possibility, NXT, Puts over HHH

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In a new interview, Kevin Nash lobbied for a job in WWE again.

On The NXT Product
They have built a basic farm system,” Nash said. “There isn’t anybody in the realm in competing with them. They have taken the market. It now goes Raw, SmackDown and NXT. There are now three brands. There are a lot of guys I watch today. I’ve been a fan of [Dolph] Ziggler since day one. I saw the big 6-foot-8 kid down at NXT. [Big Cass], I think really has a chance. He is a big guy and athletic. I think he has a chance to make it.

On Triple H
I think a lot of the credit has to go to Paul Levesque [Triple H],” Nash said. “He really understands the business. One of the most poignant things he ever said to me was, ‘It’s not only the fact we have to replace the guys in the ring, but we have to teach the guys with the handhelds and steady cams. I’ve got guys who have been carrying cameras for 30 years now. They aren’t going to be doing this forever.’ What they’ve done with NXT and Full Sail [University] is basically also focus on the production. People don’t realize how important the cameras are. This is a hands-on experience and proving ground, A to Z, from people in the truck and all the way up. It’s about pushing this product and having it continually grow.

Would He Be Interested In A WM 32 Return?
If asked, I would,” Nash said. “Let’s put it this way next time I won’t forget to bring my knee brace Last year, I forgot my knee brace.

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