JT on NXT – 12th August 2015 – 10 Thoughts (Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Crowe)

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It’s NXT time and I’m trying the Ten Thoughts approach for a few weeks, because it takes less time and I’ve just bought a new guitar. Let me know if you miss the longer form style and I’ll take it under advisement.

  1. Making Owens vs Balor a ladder match certainly ups the stakes, and we can only hope to avoid a Joey Mercury style injury with two of the biggest future stars of the WWE.
  2. Tye Dillinger has a new gimmick – the Perfect 10, which is about how many years he has spent in developmental. On the upside, his positive vibe makes a nice counter to Solomon Crowe’s emo thing, and their match was better than I expected. I don’t think much of Dillinger’s finisher though.
  3. Is it too much to hope that Axel Tishler might be the one to break Baron Corbin’s ridiculous streak? Evidently so. You can’t treat the Germans like this and expect to get away with it…
  4. Baron Corbin speaking is somehow worse than Baron Corbin wrestling. I found it a little sad how much Joe was forced to sell for the big goof before the inevitable happened and Joe choked him out.
  5. The ‘Thank you Joe’ chant from the crowd was hilarious.
  6. Finn Balor vs Marcis Louis was a pretty standard match from the Irishman, but the elevation he gets on the Coup de Grace is very impressive.
  7. I find the Vaudvillains very entertaining, and hope that they use their chivalry to triumph over Blake and Murphy for the championship at Takeover.
  8. Bayley vs Becky Lynch was another solid match from the Divas, although some of the chemistry seemed a little off at times.
  9. It would be nice if Raw noticed that Divas matches are much better without trio tag partners running around on the outside and distracting from the in-ring action.
  10. This felt like a placeholder episode of NXT in the lead-up to Takeover: Brooklyn, but fortunately there are enough interesting matches on that show that I’m still looking forward to it.

See you in Brooklyn, everybody!

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