NXT Takeover Brooklyn 08.22.2015 Full Report with Video Highlights (Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks vs. Bayley In Classic)


NXT Takeover Brooklyn is live from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn NY!

The first shot is of HHH, in a suit, standing in the middle of the ring under the spotlight. He is solemn at first, but then picks up steam as he talks about NXT and how great it is to get this big house here in Brooklyn. Then the house lights come on and the crowd erupts for NXT Takeover.

The show begins with a bunch of costumed dancers for the entrance of Tyler Breeze.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Extravagant entrance for Tyler. Liger comes out to a nice pop. Match goes over 10 minutes. Liger bomb to get the clean pin.

Winner: Liger

After the match, Liger celebrates.

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac are shown at ring side. They are all too sweet.

Backstage Bayley is serious as she takes up her wrists. Charlotte comes over and hugs her. Becky Lynch then comes over and begrudgingly shakes Bayley’s hand.

The scene goes black and white as the Vaudevillains make their entrance.


Tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship
Blake and Murphy (c) w/Alexa Bliss vs. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)

Before the match starts, Blue Pants dances down. Apparently the Vaudevillains have hired her to offset Alexa Bliss. Match starts and mat work to start. Match goes for about 6-7 minutes back and forth until Alexa Bliss goes to interfere but is cut off by Blue Pants.

Things break down a bit ending up in a near fall but kickout. Then the Vaudevillains hit a double team move for the clean and the titles.
Winners: Vaudevillains

The Vaudevillains are YOUR new NXT Tag Team Champions:

Recap of the highlights focusing on Blue Pants and the finish.

Promo for WWE Summerslam 2015 tomorrow right here on WWE Network.

Earlier today, Finn Balor arrived with his buddies Neville and Cesaro.

Elsewhere, music producer Rick Rubin is here at NXT!

Tye Dillinger vs. Apollo Crews
Crews has a lively entrance with green lights and lots of strobe. Dillinger gets a surprising amount of offense early on. Side kick gets a 2. Crews takes control. Does a clotheslin, kip up and a really cool standing shooting star press for the wins in about 5 minutes.
Winner: Crews

Crews celebrates as the replays show the ssp again, really awesome actually.

Backstage, NXT General Manager William Regal welcomes us and thanks us. He announces a new Tag Team tournament that will start on September 2, and culminate on the next NXT Takeover special on October 2.

Video recap of Baron Corbin/Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin
Match goes a lot longer than you might think. Joe gets some of his signature spots. Corbin hits a sit out power bomb for a very close near fall. Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch and Corbin passes out. Match wasn’t that good.
Winner: Joe

Joe celebrates as he exits. Replays.


In the crowd is Ric Flair! With Kanna and SGT SLAUGHTER!

Team B.A.D.’s Naomi and Tamina also shown in the crowd.

Her dreaded music plays and here at NXT is Stephanie McMahon. “This is so cool” says Stephanie, apparently a babyface to start this promo. She announces a crowd of 15,569. Many more watching LIVE on the WWE Network. She puts over NXT. Then talks about her Divas Revolution and how it started here in NXT. She then says the next match is the main event (even though it’s not).

Video recap of the NXT Woman’s Title match

NXT Women’s Title
Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (c)

Bayley gets a big pop. Sasha gets a huge pop and then some boos. The Boss comes out in a Black SUV flanked by a full security staff. Her NXT character is light years better than her character on Raw. They jaw jack to start and then go to work. Bayley with a great springboard elbow early on. Sasha’s Ratchet/No She’s Not Dueling Chants. Sasha clears Bayley to the floor to slow things down.


Sasha controls back in the ring. Sasha sends Bayley into the corner and trashes talks her. Brawling to the floor and Banks hits Bayley hit first onto the STEEEEEEEEP steps. Sasha flies onto Bayley with a somersault planch from the ring to the floor and that elicits a “This is Awesome” chant from this NXT crowd. Back in the ring and Sasha goes for an elbow but Bayley twists and sends Sasha over the top, and finally could be re-taking control after a very long heat sequence.

Bayley is a house a fire beating down Banks in the ring. Bayley does a pretty sick snap suplex into the corner. Banks up, Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly but Sasha floats around and locks in the Banks Statement. Bayley crawls for the bottom rope. Sasha then does a sick set of kicks to Bayley’s arm and pulls her into the center.

Bayley’s incredible reverse huricanrana:

But then Bayley reverses into a submission of her own. Really awesome few minutes. Bayley to Belly but Sasha kicks out. Another This is Awesome chant, probably the correct point at about 15 minutes into a strong single’s match.


Dueling Lets Go Bayley/Lets Go Sasha chants as both try to put the other away. Sasha with a series of moves but Bayley keeps kicking out. Bayley then Hugs Up and charges at Sasha and hits Bayley Belly suplex for the pin and the title. Awesome.
Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion: Bayley


Recap of all the high points in the match.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte come down and hug Bayley and celebrate with her. Sasha comes back into the ring and also hugs Bayley. Now all four hug. Huge pop. It’s crazy to see how well this is put together vs how the same exact women are being portrayed in the early days of the main roster diva revolution.

Seth Rollins/John Cena promo for Summerslam 2015.

Speaking of Seth Rollins, he is in the crowd with Zahra by his side.

Video recap of Kevin Owens/Finn Balor feud

NXT World Title Ladder Match
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Finn Balor

Owens comes out first to a nice pop. Finn Balor comes out to an elaborate entrance and full body paint. Crowd is hot and is reacting to both guys in a big way. Fights Owens Fight chant. Match is starting pretty close to 11pm. Match goes back and forth early on the match. As the event goes past 11, Graves talks about how great it is to be on the WWE Network so they can go late if they need to.

Things pick up as brawling moves to the floor. Announcers say they are brawling “into the NXT Universe” which is funny. Owens is using parts of the announce table to attack Balor. Ladders are being brought into play! Owens is first to climb and Balor follows with a ladder as well. Brawling and ladders in the ring. They are starting to do some cool ladder spots. Owens tries a powerbomb but Balor backdrops him onto a ladder. Ouch. Suplex attempt by Owens. Huge dropkick by Balor. He goes up top and double stomp. Balor sets up a ladder and climbs, but Owens grabs him, pulls him off and then powerbombs him in mid air. Crazy!

Brawling to the floor. Pop Up Powerbomb by Owens onto the ring apron from the floor! Into the ring. Both climb to the top of the same ladder. Wrangling at the top. Balor then tosses Owens off the ladder and KO takes a hard bump onto another ladder onto the mat. Finn can’t reach the belt from the ladder he is on. Owens fights up and climbs to the side of the ladder but Finn kicks him off. Balor then does the Coup de Grace again from the top of the ladder to a big pop. Balor then sets up the ladder closer to the title and grabs the belt for the win.
Winner: Balor

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