What To Look Forward To – 8/26/15 – Featuring Hellboy In Hell #7, Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #1, Over The Garden Wall #1, Marvel’s Secret Wars & More!

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. Marvel’s Secret Wars continues with a big list of tie-ins, and I’ve included a list of TPBs I recommend.

Hellboy in Hell #7Hellboy In Hell 7 – Story, Art and Cover by Mike Mignola; Colors by Dave Stewart

  • After a brief hiatus, Hellboy In Hell returns! While not all of the Hellboy franchise needs to be read in release order, this is not a great jump on point for new readers. This franchise is interesting, because unlike other properties, most story arcs could be considered “self-contained”. While there is an overlapping arc through the Hellboy mythos, you can pick up almost any TPB and begin there. But again, Hellboy In Hell is one exception. And why not start at the beginning regardless? If you’re looking to get into Hellboy, there really is no better place to start than Seed of Destruction.

Over The Garden Wall #1 – Written by Pat McHale; Art by Jim Campbell; Cover by Jim Campbell & Carey Pietsch

  • Based on the hit Cartoon Network original animated mini-series, this one-shot acts as a companion piece that takes place between episodes 3 of 4. Written by the original series creator, Wirt and Greg must walk home when they come across some new friends.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #1Batman Arkham Knight Genesis 1 – Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art by Alisson Borges; Cover by Stjepan Sejic

  • Another series from the hit video game franchise, this one focuses on the origins of Gotham’s newest villain. For my money, Tomasi can do no wrong lately with his success in Batman & Robin, Robin: Son of Batman, and the main Arkham Knight If you’ve been playing the game or reading the regular series, or if you’re just a fan of Tomasi, this should be a good one to pick up.

Drive #1 – Written by Michael Benedetto; Art and Cover by Antonio Fuso

  • Adapted from James Sallis’ original novel, Los Angeles’ best getaway driver is in for the ride of his life. If you’re wondering, yes, this is the same story as the movie by the same name starring Ryan Gosling.

Rumble #6Rumble 6 – Written by James Arcudi; Art and Cover A by James Harren; Cover B by Lee Bermejo

  • As both a stand-alone issue and first chapter for the next big arc (?), this issue should be a fine jumping on point for new readers. But if you’re interested in the rest of the series, Vol 1. What Color Of Darkness?, collecting issues #1-5, is out now. I highly recommend it, as this was another one of those series from last year that I liked a lot more than I was expecting to. It’s a fun fantasy ride about an unassuming human helping a scarecrow warrior deliver justice to people from his past and reclaim what is rightfully his. Sounds pretty epic, right?


Collected Editions

If you’re having a dry week trying to find new stories, check out these TPBs & HCs soon…

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction TPBCOWL Vol 2

G.I. Zombie: A Star Spangled War Story TPB (new this week)

C.O.W.L. Vol 1 Principles of Power TPB

C.O.W.L. Vol 2 The Greater Good TPB (new this week)

Wayward Vol. 1 TPB

Wayward Vol. 2 TPB (new this week)

Return of The Living Deadpool TPB (new this week)

100 Bullets Vols 1-13 TPB (see my reviews of the entire 100 Bullets series here)

Gotham Central Vol 1 In The Line Of Duty TPB (“Recall Review” for this series starting this week!)

Enjoying DC’s Justice League:
Gods And Monsters series and movie? If you’re looking for more “Elseworld” stories to get into, here’s a list of some popular and critically acclaimed series to check out…

Kingdom ComeSuperman Red Son

Flashpoint, as well as its numerous tie-ins such as Batman: Knight of Vengeance, Project: Superman, Emporer Aquaman, Wonder Woman & The Furies, Lois Lane & The Resistance, and more.

DC: The New Frontier

DC: One Million

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Superman: Red Son

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

(For more recommendations, see previous “What To Look Forward To” TPB sections, starting from 06/10/15)



While I won’t be keeping up with Secret Wars
myself, check out Paul Miranda’s Secret Wars Declassified for all the details and what’s been going on. Here’s a checklist of all the tie-ins coming out this week:

  • Ant-Man: Last Days #1Deadpools Secret Secret Wars 4
  • Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps #3
  • Civil War #3
  • Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #4
  • E is for Extiction #3
  • Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra #1
  • M.O.D.O.K. Assassin #4
  • Magneto #21
  • Marvel Zombies #3
  • Old Man Logan #4
  • Spider-Woman #10
  • Where Monsters Dweel #4
  • X-Men ’92 #3

What else are you getting this week? Looking for more recommendations? Find me on Twitter @4ColorPhil

That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.


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