Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Amazing Race Canada’s Neil & Kristin Lumsden


Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Amazing Race Canada’s Neil & Kristin Lumsden

Neil, an obvious first question for you is whether or not you regret taking the time penalty?

Not regret, disappointed it didn’t work out. I don’t look back at one thing as the reason because there are so many “ifs” throughout every leg.


Kristin, you initially seemed disappointed that your dad didn’t consult with you before making the decision to take the penalty but at the pit stop you seemed at peace with everything that happened.  Did you and your dad discuss what happened during the course of the leg?


I was thrown off for a short bit, but you’ve got to shake it off and keep racing. He is my teammate, I stick behind him 100 per cent so ya, I got over it very quickly and thought back to all our amazing moments and  celebrated how well we raced and how far we went.


Neil, you were definitely impacted by Brent and Sean using their express pass as it resulted in them getting to entirely skip the task that you decided to take a penalty on. Do you think that the express pass is a fair twist on The Amazing Race Canada?

Sure, there are so many elements that the teams have to face throughout the Race, the Express Pass is just another component.


Kristin, there was a time when it looked like Hamilton & Michaelia would give you their second express pass, but then they decided to give it to Brent and Sean (and this was the same express that the brothers used last night).  Can you take me back to their decision and tell me if you were surprised that they didn’t give it to you and Kristin?

Very surprised, but again you just keep moving forward. Brent and Sean used it at the exact point we would have. Smart play boys! We adore Hamilton and Michaelia, so no hard feelings anymore haha!


Neil, how does the Amazing Race compare to the CFL?

In the CFL games there is so much prep for next week’s opponent, with this environment on The Amazing Race Canada you can’t prepare. Do I wish I was at the age when I was a player, but I love challenges no matter what.


Kristin, we saw you injure your leg just prior to the equestrian task in the Magdalan Islands and you still managed to ride the horse.  How tough was that?

My muscles in my calf and toes seized up. Painful getting on the horse but not hard to ride. I grew up riding so it was second nature.



Neil, because of Kristin’s leg injury… you also took a time penalty in the kayak hockey Face Off challenge.  Do you think that time penalties are increasingly becoming an important part of the Race (in terms of using them strategically to advance past tasks?)

Because each team penalty can be different, I think that is a case by case decision. We had to take that penalty because I wasn’t going to put her back in the cold water after the visit to the hospital.



Kristin, what was it like to finish on the mat alongside another father/daughter team in Simi and Ope?

Emotional! Happy we all raced on.


Neil… we still have to strong and physical alpha male teams left in Gino/Jesse and Nick/Matt.  Do you think these muscular teams have an advantage on the show?

Being fit and semi young can help, no question. But as you’ve noted in leg two Gino and Jesse almost got eliminated. Luck plays a huge role.


Kristin, what’s next for you?

I’ve taken on a new and amazing job right when I finished the Race. I get to travel across Canada for the job so the race continues.


Many thanks!