Kana’s New NXT Ring Name Revealed (Warning: Spoilers)

During last night’s NXT tapings, Kana made her official debut in a segment with William regal. The segment will air in two weeks. Kana will be known in NXT as Asuka, after Lioness Asuka, one of the most popular and legendary women in Japanese wrestling history.

Here is an image from said tapings:




Kana/Asuka’s introduction was spoiled by Dana Brooke and Emma, so we already know who her first serious opponent(s) will be:

NXT’s newest female talent must really have impressed someone during those obligatory try-outs, because this is quick. All signs point to Asuka (let’s get used to that) receiving a massive push from the start. Someone must have seen something in her, and I’m guessing that someone is Triple H. Here is what he posted on his twitter account:

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