Metahead’s Riff: A New Gossip (More fun with rumors, Kevin Nash, Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy And More + Crush Gals)


You know what? I had fun doing the silly rumors thing last week. So, since absolutely no-one has asked for it, here is the sequel!

1 – It wasn’t me!

Wrestlers should keep an eye on their twitter accounts, those things are starting to live their own lives apparently. After Jasmin last week, it was Kevin Nash’s turn to have some twitter-troubles. The photo of a nude woman (later identified as fitness model Jennifer Mitchell) suddenly appeared on Big Sexy’s account yesterday. That fact is amusing enough in itself but I’m guessing Kev’s reaction will become a classic in the coming months:

Something tells me the WWE PR department is going: “Hacked! Of course! That’s brilliant! Why didn’t we think of that?”.

2 – It’s all about Booty:

Xavier Woods apparently lost one of his bags at the airport. Big E came to his rescue and lend him one of his singlets.

Somewhere Vince is going: “The Booty Brothers! Of course! That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?”.

3 -SOUL!

Lots of rumors about potential returns to the WWE, but none so insistent as the one concerning Jeff Hardy. That’s right, if backstage rumors are to be believed, The Charismatic Enigma could be part of the WWE Universe once again. While this might prompt the already beleaguered WWE PR department to render their collective resignation, I, for one, hope WWE will go with the character that resumes Hardy’s personality the best. WILLOW! Come on, guys, you know you want it too, just imagine this on RAW:

And see? He’s talking about the social networks! It was a prophecy! Willow knew what was coming! SOUL!

4 – Besties with Bella’s:

Speaking of returns, WWE recently posted following teaser/tweet:

Trish herself had been teasing a return earlier this year, with her Team Bestie (Stratus and Lita) vs Team Bella references. I’m only amused at the fact that acts from the past will supposedly join this “Revolution”. I also wonder what Natalya (who is apparently “too old” for the Diva’s Revolution) has to say about this.

5 – If you go down THAT road:

Hey maybe they can bring back Chyna for the Diva’s Revolution! She can have a couple of “Ultimate Surrender” matches with….

Ohoh, one moment please…

Hum, hum.

“It has been brought to my attention that my column was hacked. My apologies to anyone that was offended.” There, that should take care of that.

6 – What about Dave?

TNA has announced they would be inducting Earl Hebner into their Hall of Fame. I wonder if there will be any “twin magic” involved. Also, when you look over who’s in the TNA Hall of Fame, you’ll notice there is Sting (famous for his WCW run), Kurt Angle (who made headlines during his WWE run), Team 3D (mostly associated with WWE and ECW) and Jeff Jarrett (who is balsa-guitars sellers favorite costumer). When will TNA finally induct someone who is remembered for their run with… TNA?

Oh, sorry, just realized, there isn’t anyone like that, so silly of me, never mind.

7 – This should be good:

There are talks again about The Freebirds being inducted in next year’s WWE HOF. While the induction is long overdue, I’m not sure if its a good idea to give Michael “PS” Hayes a microphone under the current circumstances. Well, it’ll be fun anyway, for us, not for WWE.

8 – Confusion:

It was reported last week that Randy Orton will be taking some time off from WWE. It has been reported this week-end that Randy Orton has been scheduled for two TV tapings and might appear on RAW anyway. What, are they afraid Sheamus will get lonely without Orton?

9 – The Rock saves his dog from drowning:

Why are you all looking at me?  It was a slow week when it come to wrestling news, don’t blame me for that.

10 – Wrestler in the White House:

Jesse Ventura, probably disappointed about not receiving an invitation to join Donald Trump’s campaign after talking about it, is thinking about running for president (again).  Perhaps he should take Hogan as running mate… Or Gunner. Or Bram. Or Nash. Or Willow. Or Chyna (and so on, and so forth). The WWE PR department has already notified that they are NOT interested.


For my match of the week, I decided to pay homage to Lioness Asuka, since Kana will now be known under the same name. While Lioness Asuka had an extremely successful singles career during the heydays of All Japan’s Women’s Pro Wrestling, she’s even more recognized for being one half of the Crush Gals tag team, alongside Chigusa Nagayo. I’ve chosen their memorable 2 out of 3 Falls match against perennial rivals, The Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki). This was really the Golden Era of Yoshi Puroresu. Enjoy!

That’s all from me this week, see you all later and have fun!






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