10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 09.28.2015 (John Cena Open Challenge, Kane’s Performance Evaluation, Kevin Owens vs. Rusev)



1. John Cena Opens Raw/ U.S. Championship Open Challenge: I know a lot of people don’t like him but I still respect the fact that Cena has the open challenges. This week the New Day came out and did a goofy song and dance promo. They’re entertaining but, because they act so goofy sometimes it makes me feel like they take nothing seriously. The ref sent the rest of New Day to the back but when Cena had the STF on Woods his teammates came out to make the save and end the match in DQ style. Predictably the Dudleys came out to clear the ring and soon a tag match was made.

2. The Dudley Boys & John Cena v. The New Day: This match was predictable (in how it came about) and not as exciting as I would  have liked it to be. The New Day causing distractions for the win was also predictable but will help light a fire under the Dudley Boys even further as they pursue the tag titles. A means to an end, I guess.

3. Big Show v. Mark Henry: These two men have given a lot to the business. To see them basically jobbing to each other was depressing. I know they’re trying to build up Big Show before his battle with Lesnar but this match was nothing more than two big guys doing as they’re told.

4. Miz TV with Becky Lynch & Charlotte: I like Becky and Charlotte here, I like them basically dismissing Miz from his own segment. Charlotte calling out Paige was good, the Bella’s interruping and running their mouths was good too. The best part was Paige’s continued bad mouthing of the top Divas. “When you have two boyfriends like yours, who really needs ambition?” Team PCB briefly joined to fight Team Bella and clear them from the ring. My questions are as follows; Who is Charlotte’s real “enemy” in this booking? And, what the hell happened to Team BAD? The match that followed was like a tossing a bone to the Divas. Charlotte and Becky trusting Paige enough to team with her this week was dumb. Having Natalya run out just because was worse. The writers are giving up on this already.

5. The Prime Time Players v. Luke Harper & Braun Strowman: The Prime Time Players were steam rolled in order to make Harper and Strowman continue to look strong. I feel bad for PTP as not long ago they were champs and this week they were the means to an end. For Titus to pass out in the face of Strowman’s strength shows that WWE is backing Strowman, no matter who has to suffer.

6. Neville v. Stardust: Neville and Stardust put on a good show. King Barrett returning was a welcome sight. Where this leaves the Neville & Stardust rivalry is anyone’s guess but you can’t deny that even though they were given a minimal amount of time and no space to do anything of notice this segment wasn’t terrible.

7. Kane’s Performance Evaluation: I’m pretty sure that HR girl is a wrestler at the performance center. Big shocker there, right? Kane’s ability to be happy-go-lucky and switch to creepy in a heartbeat was fantastic. Kane “transforming” in the back of the ambulance was theatrical but it worked out as the demon version of Kane came back, attacked Rollins and made the champ run for the hills. Kane held Rollins’ title above his head, a clear sign of what is coming.

8. Bo Dallas v. Randy Orton: Both men are wasted on these pointless matches. They each need a good rivalry of their own. Bo has been jobbing to people for months. Orton is thrown into this Wyatt family issue with Roman and Dean. Both men deserve better.

9. Kevin Owens v. Rusev: Ryback sat ringside and was on commentary while Owens and Rusev took aim at each other. The match broke down pretty quickly when Owens and Rusev were battling on the outside, Ryback took a hit and everything exploded. Ziggler came out for some fast and easy revenge. While this built up Owens & Ryback it did nothing for Ziggler & Rusev.

10. Paul Heyman Promo: Paul came out and did what he does best. Talked. I hate useless promos week in and week out. However, I will always enjoy Heyman. WWE ruined it a bit by having the Big Show go out and get in Heyman’s face.  I can’t believe they messed up a Paul Heyman segment so terribly. Heyman was selling the match on Saturday just fine. The Big Show, while I respect his work in the business, ruined this for me.

BONUS THOUGHT 11. Bray Wyatt v. Roman Reigns: Both competitors said they’d leave their friends backstage. Roman entered the ring solo. Wyatt came out with Harper and Strowman flanking him. Roman called Wyatt out on it, calling Harper and Strowman “training wheels” which was fantastic. Calling Wyatt a b*tch was great too. The friends were sent away and the match took place. It was pretty great but it only got better when both competitors were counted out but continued to fight through the arena. Wyatt threw (yes, threw) a tech worker into Reigns. Then, Wyatt tackled Reigns through the barricade. Reigns spearing Wyatt into the announce table was great and it’s how we left the show. With both men on the ground in pain, a destroyed arena around them.


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