JR Blog: Daniel Bryan Not The Key To WWE Ratings Rebound, Advise for Struggling Promotions, Great ROH Match



Jim Ross had a new blog, here are some highlights

on Daniel Bryan
Amazing that some people think that Daniel Bryan’s return can cure all WWE TV ratings ills alone. Not true. Bryan should not be considered for a return until he is completely, 100% medically cleared of which WWE will insure. Ratings go down just like live event tickets sales and for the same reasons….the paying customers are not getting what they feel that they want. Promoters get market research daily. Those that listen and compromise what they they may be feeling is the right way to go generally are rewarded with increased profitability. Those that think that the fans don’t know what the fans really want, generally continue to down trend. It’s simple marketing 101. Listen to the paying customers and allow them to guide you to what some refer to the Promised Land or, better said, the land of profitability.

on advice for promotions to turn things around
Any wrestling company that wants to ‘turn things around’ has to commit, fully, to a small nucleolus of talent earmarked for main events and go with them for several months to allow them to get on a roll and not change course after a few weeks. Too many cooks in the kitchen can cause that. TV executives who, although they may be wealthy, often times don’t understand the core product and cannot identify with the basic, fan base. If one doesn’t fully understand their customer base and what turns them on how does one market to that group of consumers?

on Adam Cole vs Nakamura from ROH
Great match on ROH Wednesday night between Adam Cole and Nakamura which I have now seen three times. The NJPW talent adds a big lift to the ROH presentation without question. I’d still love to do Wrestle Kingdom 10 in January and any big shows for NJPW’s digital service to help build an English speaking audience.

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