EVOLVE Addresses Working Relationship With WWE, WWE.com Features Several EVOLVE Talent

In a press release, EVOLVE addressed  their working relationship with WWE. Here is the part from the release that talks about WWE:

“You have supported us and you deserve an answers. You want to know what’s going on with WWE and The WWN Family. This is the absolute truth. There are no answers. Yes, there is obviously a growing relationship. What direction it will take is unknown.

“There are rumors and speculation, but this relationship changes and develops almost weekly. This is a road that has never been traveled before. There is no precedent. We don’t know what to expect nor what is possible. All this means is that anything can happen. There are infinite possibilities. The only sure thing is that this will be a wild, unpredictable and thrilling ride. We will all find out where this road goes together. There is no telling what will happen next.”


Coincidentally, WWE.com posted a new feature today on five Evolve wrestlers that could potentially be the next NXT breakout stars.

The five wrestlers are:

Timothy Thatcher

Johnny Gargano

Tracy Williams

Anthony Nese

Zack Sabre, Jr.

In the same article, WWE also promotes EVOLVE’s shows this week-end/ As a reminder, NXT star Sami Zayn will be appearing on these shows to do autograph signings.