Titans Hunt #1 Spoilers & Review: Who Is After DC Comics First Teen Team & Why Don’t They Remember Each Other?

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I’ve been really excited for Titans Hunt #1 that spun out of Convergence. This series tells the tale of DC Comics’ first Teen Titans team. However, its members don’t remember they were a team and someone is hunting them in the modern day DC You / The New 52.

Titans Hunt #1 spoilers preview 1

Titans Hunt #1 spoilers preview 2

Spoilers and review follow for Titans Hunt #1.

I love that Jim Lee variant cover BTW! Anyhow, Dick Grayson / Robin / Nightwing was after Tempest / Garth in modern day yet he doesn’t remember him for their shared past. Lilith the team’s clairvoyant and telepath reaches out to Grayson to his surprise. She knows “He” – someone – is after them all, but its not revealed who “He” is.

Titans Hunt #1 spoilers review 1

Roy Harper is also grappling his demons in a bottle, pun intended, and calls Lilith who is addictions specialist. It doesn’t appear that he remembers their shared past either.

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The issue ends with readers still not clear on why no one beyond Lilith remembers their Teen Titans team past, but Lilith has that past documented!

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Overall an engaging debut issue. Love the art and story so far. A lot of issue #1 set-up, so I hope they let loose a little bit with Titans Hunt #2!

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